Lockdown #2 – Day 11: Online Classes

Lockdown #2 – Day 11: Online Classes

Mondays are typically my longest teaching days.

2 hours of driving,
3 contact hours with students,
1 hour of lunch,
3 more teaching hours,
2 hours driving home.

Today, thanks to confinement, they day looked very different…


It can certainly not be said that my Mondays are typically very sedentary. Between driving, changing classrooms & touching base with administration staff… they’re typically well full of movement.

Today however, Liz was surprised to find me washing a few dishes up during the one hour break between classes at noontime. I just needed to stand up & do something.

The morning began at the desk about an hour or so before class-time, followed by 3 hours of video-conference classes.

By the time lunch rolled ’round, I’d been sitting for about 4 hours straight.

It was roughly the same in the afternoon as you tend to spend time after classes tying up loose administrative ends.

I have a fairly calm little corner on the upstairs landing (when not everyone is home) but I was glad to be able to move elsewhere when classes were done.

Of course Liz is seeing the difference as well… she’s used to a fairly quiet house when I’m out teaching. In stead, she hears me talking in my ‘teacher voice’ (shout out to teachers… you know the voice I’m talking about) while she’s trying to work on translation. She too was glad when classes were over. (I’m sure that she could explain present perfect continuous conjugations after today!)

We’re learning nothing if not ‘flexibility’ during these times… constant adaptation is required. But it’s been said, that if you can only be good at one thing… be good at adapting to change because that’ll never be in short supply.

Thanks for stopping by.
God bless you today!

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