Language Links

I’m a language buff.

I came by it somewhat unintentionally, but then again it makes great sense, and I suppose I should’ve seen it coming.

A Quick Overview:

  • 1980: Began learning French, like all New Brunswick (Canada) kids at the time… core French classes.

  • 1982: Enjoyed French so much that I began taking all my classes in Frence … “Late Immersion” (starting in Jr. High School)

    Continued in varying degrees throughout high school.

  • 1989: Experience true immersion by spending 2 months in French-speaking Europe, followed by a 2 year term shortly afterward.

  • 1992: Came back to university studies, partially in French. Followed by an eventual Master’s Degree in the Science of Language (early 2000s), while teaching university level French.

  • 2015 onward… Living in France & teaching university level English.

Learning French literally changed the course of my life.

On an academic level, I still find languages interesting… below are a few links (just a place for me to collect & remember some of these spots, as much for my own benefit as for yours).

Language Links



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