Road Trip down the Loire Valley

Road Trip down the Loire Valley

Back in October, I took the long road home from a teaching day in Angers.

The day was beautiful, the onset of evening was slow coming, and no one needed to be picked up at the station in Châtellerault. Overall, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

I’d intended to document it long before this, but whatever the reason (there were likely a number of them) it didn’t happen until now.

Care to join me on an open-top drive down the Loire River Valley?

Gentle Warning:
This is my longest-ever blog post (3,500 words – about a 22 minute read). If you only have a few minutes, I’d recommend saving it for a time when you can enjoy it over a big steaming mug of coffee, not a small. 🙂

Ready? Let’s go…

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