Praise & Prayer

Praise & Prayer

Welcome to October!

Wait a minute… did I just say “October”?
I did. Difficult to believe. August was a blur and September seemed to be a bit of a ‘tail wagging the dog’ kind of month, getting caught up, and now here we are in October.

Well… warm up your coffee (because I’m a little late publishing today) and let’s catch up, shall we?

I’m going to be rather quick today, so if you’re already half-way through your coffee… no worries. There are a number of things to be done in preparation for service tomorrow, but I wanted to touch base.

Praise & Prayer #1

There is a young family in our church that is very much on fire for the Lord. They are like sponges and are continually wanting to know & grow. That’s awesome. It’s the couple that were baptized this summer and the brother was filled with the Holy Ghost in a most powerful way.

There are a couple of challenges for them, not the least of which is that they live about an hour and a half away. Secondly, the brother is currently unable to work because of a syndrome / impairment called “electrohypersensitivity”, whereby he has a variety of symptoms whenever he’s in contact with electromagnetic fields (eg. cell phone signals, wifi, high tension electrical towers, etc.).

Can you imagine the limitations of trying to steer clear of any of those?

When you think of us then, please join us in praying for this brother’s healing. Nothing is impossible to God. Pray too, that until that time, God multiplies his strength & patience… “His grace is sufficient.”

Praise & Prayer #2

The image above shows roughly where the bulk of our church members live and as you can see, quite a number come from a fair distance to attend.

Even those that live in the 30-35min radius have a difficult time attending anything by Sunday service, because either work schedules or an inability to drive at night precludes their involvement.

We praise God for each family that he’s added to the church, but we really need to find a solution for more frequent contact as a group. So… for this purpose, we will begin bi-weekly meetings during the week for a short time of devotion and corporate prayer.

I’ve only had limited experience with “Zoom-prayer” & “Zoom Bible-Study” and while I’m fairly old-school and struggle with the idea of doing anything but in-person meetings (which still remain the most valuable in my opinion), we need something and this will be better than what we have now.

We’d appreciate your prayers concerning this endeavour.

Not Built in a Day…

You’ll recall from last week that we recently did a quick overnight trip up to the Mont Saint Michel, on the Norman coast.

We see this incredible spot today, rising tall above the salt marshes and tidal estuary, however it wasn’t always this beautiful, finished spot.

The first abbey was established on the Mont, in 966. Yes, you read that right… in 966 A.D. That’s 1,055 years ago. Then, over time, the community outgrew their current facility and build upward, successively building higher and higher until you get what we see today.

The most beautiful things are built over time. Our church is a far cry from more established churches, whether in France or elsewhere, but we’re building… and as you join us in both praise and prayer… you’re helping us build.

Thanks for being on this journey with us.
God bless you today!

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  1. Mike, I’m with you on the in person thing. But I think that may just be our nature. Never underestimate the power of God to work through any method we must use, even zoom etc.

    • Thanks Ben… you’re right. I’ve sat in on a couple such meetings. Also, on Pentecost Sunday this year, Pastor Kahozi (Montreal) spoke via pre-recorded video… during altar service, one of our young people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Just awesome.

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