Youth Convention 2022

Youth Convention 2022

Anyone recognize that pretty girl in the feature photo for today’s post?

Granted… the picture’s taken from behind, but if you’ve spent time around us in church… you may just recognize her.

That’s right! … Liz. We have no idea who took the picture, but it showed up on the National Youth Commmittee’s Instagram account following the weekend’s youth convention, we loved it… & screenshotted it!

Hello beautiful!

Want to hear more about youth convention?
Let’s go….

Long Time No See!

The last time we were physically together for a youth convention was in November 2019… pre-Covid. So it was awfully nice to come together again.

On Saturday morning we left early & drove up the the Melun area, along with the young people from Bordeaux. An incredible affinity has grown between our young people and the “Bordelais” over the past several years, so since they have to drive right by Châtellerault anyway… we became their coffee stop and bathroom break, before hitting the road together: 4 carloads… about 20 young people!

Dominic, as youth leader for Châtellerault, was involved in the services along with all the other youth leaders in the country. It was a pretty proud moment to see him sitting up there on the stage with all the other leaders. To think… he was just 13 when we arrived here… Time flies!

Great Things… Long Timeline

It was tremendous to have 3 brothers join us from Châtellerault.

The Goliger boys were in Sunday School years & years ago when the Brochus were in Châtellerault full-time. They have grown into three fine young men and they really blossomed at youth convention.

The oldest, was baptized earlier this year and has been one of the most faithful members of our church. It was his first youth convention in many years, although you’d think he was a regular… totally free in worship & at the altar. Beautiful!

We don’t see the younger two as much, typically although they all get along wonderfully whenever we’re all together. The second son blew us all away… He connected powerfully with God this weekend, was deeply touched and we’ve already met with him during the week for a Bible study on some questions he had after the weekend.

Just. Amazing.

The whole weekend was great, but I think that was the most impactful part for me… seeing this young man latch on so completely!

From Italy with Love

This year’s speaker, for the convention, was Pastor Antonio Arcidiacono, from Catania, Sicily (Italy)

There were also some young people from Italy that attended the convention and Sophie was particularly glad to connect with a couple of them as she has been studying Italian at university… it gave her a chance to speak a bit and motivated her even more to continue.

During the convention, Timo was kept busy as one of the official photographers who simply snapped pictures during the whole convention – pictures that will be used in promotional material, communications and on social media.

Our kids are growing up!!

Sunday afternoon we hit the road home and after a road-side Starbucks & pit-stop… we made it home after nightfall (which comes much earlier since we set the clocks back 2 weeks ago).

… a wonderful weekend.
God is good!
His church is moving forward!

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