A New Week

A New Week

There are days that begin early: Earlier than they typically do, earlier than they otherwise would need to, and earlier than is enjoyable… but you endure them because they’ll make someone else’s life easier.

That’s why I have a picture of my eyeglasses as today’s feature image.

Soph had to be in Poitiers for an 8:00am class, and mine didn’t start until 9:00am. To avoid the heavy morning traffic on the main road to Poitiers, or the cost of the highway, we take some winding little country roads which, during the daylight hours, take you through cozy villages and across swaths of arable fields. The earlier the departure, however, the more those same winding little country roads are a source of mild anxiety.

They wouldn’t be if I was driving them alone, but I’m not. I have to share them with a number of French Mario Andrettis. You remember the name Mario Andretti don’t you? He was a Formula 1 race-car driver. Enough said!

We did arrive safely, and I’d set my glasses on the armrest while enjoying my coffee and a few minutes of quiet before facing the day!

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