Ten:Six … say what!?

THAT’s a curious title.

Correct… it is, and I’ll get to it, but first the picture above was taken last Sunday morning as we departed the house early, on our way to Bordeaux.

Spring’s Advance

One of the sure signs of the changing seasons is the time that sunrise occurs.

During January and most of February, the sky is dark when I leave the house – either to go to Poitiers or to Angers to teach. In the case of Angers, the sun tends to break over the horizon either as I’m pulling into the city or, if there’s some low-lying clouds, as I’m settling into the classroom.

Increasingly though, it’s breaking the horizon as I’m getting into the car & heading out; it feels good to drive during more daylight hours.

*Note* … yesterday I had to leave particularly early and came within about 2m (6′) of hitting a deer on the road. There were two that I saw from a distance, so I slowed down. One got off the road, but the second started zigging to the left, then zagged to the right at the last minute.

I’m grateful for the Lord’s protection.


As I mentioned… last Sunday we were in Bordeaux and William, one of our young people, was spontaneously asked to share a word of testimony during service.

He’s been a regular attender down there with us when we go and so the folks know and appreciate him, but this time they got to know him a bit better as he shared how a young person who seemingly has everything going well for themselves, can still find themselves lacking, experiencing way too much pressure, and despondent without the Lord. He shared how God filled him with his Spirit on Pentecost Sunday 2y ago, how he was baptized last year, and how things have never been the same since.

A fine young man with a great testimony!


Finally, let me get to what looks either like a scripture reference or perhaps an image ratio… 10:6.

In fact, it’s neither… it’s the ratio of ZOOM connections to households represented at last night’s ZOOM Prayer meeting… and it’s a record.

… and we are grateful…

Just a quick post today, but wanted to bring you up to speed on the week, thank you for your prayers, and wish you God’s blessing for this new week before us.

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