Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells

Rather a unique post today, and one of which there will only be a maximum of three in the span of our lifetime…

We’re in the final throws of wedding planning, and Dominic’s the groom-to-be.

Lemme tell you a bit more…

I’d say that something’s been brewing since about last summer, even though we know that, with the Lord’s plans… it goes back further than that.

In just a few weeks, Dominic will marry Melanie Majdling, whose parents pastor the church in Bordeaux. She is a treasure!

Going back as far as a couple of years, they were both youth leaders in our two churches and when Dominic had questions or was looking for advice, he’d touch base with Melanie… they’d talk, and talk, and talk about the things of God, youth ministry, challenges of leading youth, etc.

Without realizing it… God was allowing them to lay a foundation.

It wasn’t until last summer… that things progressed beyond the friend zone, and they formalized things a bit more. Even at that, they were discreet however.

Precious few people, outside their immediate families, were aware that there was a more serious relationship growing, until November when they let it be more widely known; no small thing in a social media saturated era. Even the timeline of their upcoming wedding wasn’t made public until last weekend.

Their discretion is both admirable and healthy and I commend them for it giving themselves the time to discover, build and grow on their own, without moving at either the pace or timeline of others, or according to others’ reactions.

I’m so proud of them and admire them for another reason as well… the simplicity of their upcoming wedding.

So many couples spend 1 to 2 years planning their wedding; spending enormous sums of money and even sometimes going into debt for it – not to mention the mental energy required. Our two are cut from a simpler cloth…

So… rejoice with us and pray for our soon-to-be-newlyweds.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!

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