The Destination

(Pour lire en français, cliquez içi)

France is one of the oldest and most prominent countries in the European Union. A colonizing force in the 17th and 18th centuries, it is still key in developing policy on the European level, as well as on the world stage.

On a more emotional level, many people can relate to France after traveling there. One thinks of romantic strolls ‘neath the Eiffel Tower, a Chateau in the countryside, fine cuisine or high fashion. France is all these and more.

We will be involved:mapFrance

in western France (Châtellerault)

    • in the city of Châtellerault, pastoring a local church.

in Melun (near Paris)

    • at the national Bible School (located in the headquarters church), on a monthly basis, allowing us to connect with students from across the nation.


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