Blog Design: AIMers


I LOVE to see young people involved in missions!

As volunteer missionaries ourselves, we can’t support other AIMers financially, but since promotional design (online and in print) comes easily and I enjoy it, I give back by designing a basic WordPress site (structure & static content) then handing it off to AIMers for regular updates. It allows them to share what God has called them to do.

Here are some AIMers that we’ve been able to help…
and enjoyed getting to know in the process:

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Devin & Jasmine Moore

Ghana, West Africa

These AIMers anticipate being onsite in Summer 2016.
Check out their site & consider supporting them financially.

UPCI, Global Missions, AIM, Associates in Mission, AIM2Go, Ghana, Nick & Pam Sisco, Devin Moore

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Zachary & Michaela Bowles

Vienna, Austria

These AIMers anticipate being onsite in Summer 2017.
Between the two of them, they’ve already been on 4 AYC Trips to the area!
If you have a heart for Austria or the German Speaking Nations (GSN) in general,
check out their site and consider supporting them financially


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Can I help you next?

If you’re an appointed AIMer preparing for your Global Missions experience,
Let me help you. Full details here.






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