A Walk Around Chambord

A Walk Around Chambord

Every once in a while I post a #Travel Tuesday post, just for fun. Today is one of those days.

As so many of you have been aware, Covid-19 lockdowns have affected just about everyone in some way, shape or form. One of the big things, here in France, has been the confinement that kept us almost exclusively at home back in the Spring and quite close to home in the Fall. Although we managed to get out and about during the ‘in-between’ times, once the second lockdown hit, we were limited to local trips, for specific reasons and always with government issued paperwork.

That’s why a recent Saturday was a real treat for me.

I needed to go up to Seine-et-Marne (77) for work, back on the 12th, and had all the appropriate paperwork to justify a trip out of my region. Since, on our attestation we have work-related tick-boxes and a tick-box for short periods of outdoor exercise, I took full advantage of both boxes and broke up my 3.5hr drive home with a walk around Chambord Castle.

Join me as I give you the short version of a one-hour stroll around one of the incredible castles of the Loire Valley.

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