Mike & Liz Long financial support AIM France

Throughout 2017, you’ll see #AIMLong3917 on our posts and in any correspondence.
It’s in response to a new financial reality since the return of the Brochus.
Let me explain…


  1. The Brochus’ mandate changed upon their return.
    They now base out of, and minister primarily in the Paris region.
  2. Their departure (in addition to ours, if we left) would leave a void of full-time pastoral leadership & music in the local church.
  3. There is a young family attending church whose kids have bonded well with ours.
    That friendship is a great factor in their church attendance.
  4. Our kids have adjusted well and are happy with their role here, providing music.
  5. We feel that we continue to be in God’s will.


Monthly commitments: Click here to download our PIM form.

One-time Credit Card donations:
You can give to us via our home church in Canada.
Click here + indicate “Mike Long Family – AIM France” in the description.

Spread the Word:
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Global Missions Account# 171805




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