Two weekends in a row…

brochu-longIt’s not very often that this happens, but we have been able to spend two weekends in a row with the Brochus… what a treat!

Last weekend we attended the French Youth Convention in Melun, France and this weekend we ministered together in St. Laurent, Quebec and the local French Evangelism Conference, Hosted by Pastor Dieudonné Kahozi. This was the 8th local conference, and although it is not an international conference per sé, Pastor Kahozi typically likes to have a representative from the church in France and this year, for the first time, Bro. Brochu was able to come.

Hosted by the church in Saint Laurent, there were some 18 services to coordinate (about half of which took place on Sunday among the main services and various daughter works around the city). Bro. Brochu was the main speaker and Pastor Raymond Woodward was responsible for the day sessions. I spoke, for the first time, in St. Laurent’s English language morning service as well as at the daughter work in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Aside from some informal moments in passing during the convention last week, this was really the first time that Liz had a chance to sit down and talk with / get to know the Brochus, other than from what she’d heard from me. We had some valuable time to begin discussing details all four of us together.

IMG_5344bWe thank the Lord for the opportunity to spend time together. The idea of uprooting oneself, either as a single individual or a couple represents a challenge as it is. We are looking at uprooting a family of 5 in order to follow God’s plan, and while there is no doubt in our mind as to whether or not it is God’s plan, times like this allow opportunities to discuss, ask questions, get reassurances, gain understanding etc.

This is a phenomenal missionary couple and we are so happy for the opportunity to carry some of their responsibilities, in France, during their 2015-2016 deputation.  If you would like to support us, click here to find out how you can help.