A Fresh Face

One of the things that we thought necessary in preparation of this site and with a need for materials that could be used to help promote our AIM project was a fresh volley of nicely done, family photos. We had never engaged the assistance of a true-blue photographer, typically preferring the off-the-cuff snapshots that happened at various special times of the year, but this project demanded something a bit nicer.

We would like to wholeheartedly thank Micaël Savoie of Bathurst, who, despite a fairly narrow window and a houseful of holiday sniffles, dedicated his time and expertise to help advance our project. Micaël does a wide variety of photographic work from landscapes and people, to stock photography and photojournalism. Check out his website to scratch the surface of the incredible work that Micaël is capable of:  www.Micael.ca

Thank you, too, to our very good friends, Rev. & Mrs. Daniel Desroches, who allowed us to send pictures of their family room around the world!

Thank you for helping to put a fresh face on our family!


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