Home away from Home



I heard an #wowQuote, exactly one week ago today, from Missionary to France, Marcus Brainos, who was quoting 18th century German nobleman, Count Nicholas Ludwig vonZinzendorf:

“…that country shall be my home where I can be most used in winning souls for Christ.”


Count vonZinzendorf (try saying THAT name 10 times fast!) was from one of the most prestigious houses in Europe; so much so that he was a guest at the coronation of King Christian VI of Denmark in 1731. Yet… his heart was not so attached to the comfort or ease that came with his position that he clung to it at the expense of his walk with God. Rather, he claimed as his home, not Germany, but that place where he could “…be most used in winning souls for Christ”.

Lord, cultivate in me a similar excellent spirit.

Mass Exodus?

True, we can’t all leave our “home and native land” and set course for lands abroad but for those who stay in the land of their birth (and for me while I’m still in mine):
“Let us be well used in winning souls for you, Lord.”


“Lord, you have unmistakably called us to France, so I have no doubt that you intend to use us there to win souls for you.”

  • Let that be our focus
  • Let that be our prayer
  • Let that be the goal toward which we press
  • Let us teach our kids to so walk… not just in word, but also in deed. May we see in them a generation that seeks the supernatural as second nature.
  • Don’t let us be content to “have church” but to “live the early-church experience” … daily!

That’s it, That’s All

Just a short post for today… a bit of inspiration for you, from something that inspired us! God bless you today thanks for being a faithful reader of AIMLong.ca! (If this is your first time, why not subscribe and automatically received posts as they are published.)

Is this your first time reading or hearing about vonZinzendorf?
What do you think?

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