20 Quotable Quotes

Greetings all!!  Welcome to the end of what has been an incredibly chilly month of April here in Atlantic Canada…

It’s been said that…

As I prepare my next post – a summary of the month of April (check back on Saturday) –  I thought I’d share with you some of the quotable quotes that have motivated and inspired me over the past couple of months as I prepare a number of things and contact pastors about supporting us.

All twenty quotes below come from the notes I took at Because of the Times 2014.

Vesta Mangun:

VLM“The two greatest days of your life: the day you were born and the day you found out WHY you were born.”

“I have his promise, if I follow his purpose, that he will be with me always, unto the end of the earth.”

“The REAL purpose driven life is following HIS purpose: souls.”

“You want the mind of Christ?  He couldn’t get this lost world off his mind so you’ll need to get it on yours.”

“The treasure is out in the field, so sell all you have to possess the field, then go out into it… that’s where the souls are: The field is white unto harvest but the labourers are few.”

Stan Gleason:

“The fruit of repentance… is consecration.
The fruit of consecration… is revival.
The fruit of revival… is holiness.
The fruit of holiness… is reaching the world.”

“The greatest gift I can give back to God is my personal holiness, my personal consecration and my right spirit. It’s also the greatest gift I can give to my wife and my family.”

“It’s a holiness issue when the car I drive costs more that what my church gave to missions last year.”

“Every failure is first and foremost a failure to pray.”  (quoting Rev. Lee Stoneking)

“I want the people closest to me to respect me the most.”

Terry Shock:

BOTT14sq“Revelation is not a free pass on the need for self-denial.”

“We must be careful how we treat ‘thorned people’ for they could very well be carrying deep revelation… look at Paul.”

“It’s one thing to stand over a casket and weep over emotional memory… it’s another thing to adopt the lifestyle they adopted.”

“Remembering is great, embracing is empowering.”

” ‘I die daily‘ is the source of true life.”

Mike Williams:

“God will overrule it, he’ll undo it or he’ll redeem it.”
(speaking of a negative situation or circumstance)

“Trees only get a strong trunk by facing the regular and steady push of the wind .”

“When, in my mind, I journey into tomorrow… I go alone, without strength, because I was never meant to go there.”

“If you feel wounded or lame, it’s OK, Isaiah’s prophecy says that ‘the lame will take the prey!’
(Isa. 33.23)

” Strength is provided, each day, for today only. Tomorrow’s strength will be provided tomorrow.”

 Summing it up…

Of course, each of the quotes mentioned above, came from a particular context and a particular message… so keep that in mind as I’ve generally avoided the temptation to “explain” the quotes. For the most part though… I think they’re pretty straight-forward.

Thanks for checking in again today. Check back Saturday when I’ll be posting a summary of what’s been going on in April concerning our project.

How ’bout you?
What’s your most memorable #wowQuote (be it from BOTT14 or anywhere else)?