Have you…?

┬áThose two words, which begin a question, can be followed by any number of words… making for a variety of questions: “Have you…

  • …made your bed?”
  • …taken out the trash?”
  • finished your homework?”
  • …packed your suitcase?”
  • etc.

…all of which can produce a variety of emotional reactions from anxiety to anticipation to annoyance… depending on the circumstance and the tone of voice.

Today, however, I heard it completed in the following manner…

…read your Bible yet today?

Liz was asking the last of the kids to rise from their car-weary slumber… “Have you read your Bible yet?”

We have just come through Mothers’ Day and in a way, this post is really a tribute to the mother in our family… my wife.

Preparing your kids for life, in general, is difficult enough, let alone preparing them to grow up with a strong sense of who they are … as individuals and as Christians. Then factor into that, as well, a trans-Atlantic move. It takes discipline and dedication.

The Context

Years ago, before our oldest was even six, we made the decision to enter the world of home-schooling, and we continued with each of the other children as they came along. As time went on and the level of involvement increased, Liz decided that it was of greater value for her to leave her full-time job of sixteen years rather than continue working and discontinue homeschooling the kids. I honor her for making this difficult choice.

Through our time as a homeschooling family, one of the things that was always included in the day’s work was devotions(time spent in God’s word and in prayer). It has taken on various forms over the years… from picture books of Bible stories to going through the Exploring God’s Word home Bible study, to reading and discussing passages together.

The Team

Liz’s dedication at home, combined with great Sunday School teachers at MissionPoint who encourage and reward Bible reading & memory work, have built into our kids the habit of Bible reading.

A Healthy Habit

IMG_7137It never ceases to amaze me when I walk by a bedroom and look in to see one or another of my kids lying in bed reading the Bible, either before going to bed or before starting the day. Many times, with the two older kids, this happens without prompting from Liz or I (of course, for the youngest, a little more prodding is required, but even when prodded, it typically happens without protest or procrastination).

Without anchoring our faith in the words of scripture we can easily fall into simply living in a more or less Christian culture as opposed to living by Christian conviction. Christian culture is, of course, not a bad thing… but it is not always enough to keep you rooted in tough times of conflict, controversy or confusion.

Our Family’s Example

have-you1As a “post-mothers’-day-tribute”… my hat is off to my wife, Liz. Not only does she model this herself, but she consistently fosters and encourages this habit in our kids.

“Have you read your Bible yet today?”

…one of the most incredible things a Christian man can hear his wife say to their kids.

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day…
You’re the BEST!