Prince Edward Island

Unintentional Teaser

As much as I hate to do this… I’m just going to post a family pic from our time on Prince Edward Island for now. I was hoping to give you a complete run-down of our time there, but we only got back late Monday night and yesterday was time in the office and then down to Calais, Maine (USA) to pick up the Pentecostal Messengers (the monthly publication of the Atlantic District, of which I’m the editor)… so… precious little time to get a decent post done up for you.


Province House, Charlottetown PEI

A Bit of History

This was the first time that our kids had been to Prince Edward Island. Since we would be in Charlottetown for the Sunday morning service and since service was being held right around the corner from Province House, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a photo.

Province House has been the seat of Prince Edward Island’s provincial legislature since 1847 and is the second oldest seat of government in Canada.  What’s more, it is also a National Historic Site stands as it was here that the fathers of Confederation met in 1864 to, in essence, bring together a number of independent jurisdictions, to form the nation of Canada as it was then configured.As such, Charlottetown, and more specifically Province House, are known as the Birthplace of Confederation.

See You Saturday…

In a sense, I feel I’m shortchanging you today by asking you to come back on Saturday for full details of what I’m calling our “Island Marathon”(a preaching marathon)… but, better that than push forward now with something less than coherent or rushed.

If you’re newly following the blog from PEI… an extra special hello & welcome. Thank you for hosting us so well this past weekend.

Thanks for stopping by today. Come back Saturday and I’ll look forward to “seeing you” then!