No more pencils, no more books

Remember the little rhyme that we’d chant on the last day of school?
“No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks…”

I don’t mean to reflect poorly on you teachers among us (I’m one myself) but if my kids knew this song, they’d pretty much be singing it this week (maybe I’ll teach them).

School’s out!

#AIMKids, MK, MIssionary Kids, La Roche-Posay

These pictures were taken last Sunday afternoon in La Roche-Posay, a neighbouring village, for a walk, however it could also sum up Sophie & Dominic’s reaction to finishing up classes: Carefree!

The back-story is that I was trying to get a nice picture of the boys, the sun behind them as we walked along the Creuse river. Sophie, however, decided that she wanted to photobomb the boys’ shot… so in she comes! Fair enough… but I’ll use the shots just the same!  🙂

La Roche-Posay… does the name sound familiar to those of you reading this in Canada? If you shop at Shopper’s Drug Mart, it should ring a bell… it’s a line of skin care products.

This little village in France, well known for it’s dermatological laboratory, has been a wellness center for years. In fact there’s even a fountain in the middle of town where folks will stop to fill water bottles as they drive through, because the water is said to have  “miraculous” properties.

As to School being out… Sophie and Dominic have officially finished classes and have only a couple of tests to complete while Timo has about another week of classes to go. The important thing is… he’s getting there.

Summer School?

So what happens to our kids during the summer?  Even though school’s out, they’ll work mornings three days a week – that’s our typical way of homeschooling: It keeps them in the rhythm a little bit and stays off the “I’m bored” comments that often come. Oh it’ll be more relaxed than during the year… but there’ll still be some work to do.  The focus:  Improving their French

 Home Team

AIMKids, MK, Missionary Kids, Youth Group

The kids had a chance to connect with their “home team” this week and it would not be too much of an exaggeration to say that in the lead-up, they were vibrating with excitement.

Wednesday night is youth group back home so this week, they skyped into the meeting. Not only did they get to joke & jabber with friends, they stuck around for worship and the Bible study as well.

ahhhh technology!

This was a pretty big deal for our kids… Thank you to youth pastor Nick Graham for making this happen!

Any of you Youth or Sunday School staff that have adopted our kids on as prayer projects: if you’d like to connect via Skype or FaceTime – for a Q&A session, or to pray with them… it’s a great way to connect your kids / youth to missions, we’d love to discuss the possibility. Leave a comment below and we can set it up.

Today & this week

Today I’m teaching at Bible School up in Melun. We’re almost at the end of that for this semester. There is only one more teaching day after today and that will happen on the 27th.

This week we will head out to accompany the #AYCFrance team that will arrive from all around the USA. We’ll head up to the Paris area on Thursday, have time together as a family on Friday and then begin our tour with the group on Saturday morning.

Still some last minute things to prepare, but it’s gonna be great for the kids to get to hang with other youth!  They’re doing great in a number of ways, but they do miss other young people.  Keep praying for them!

Good news…

Poitiers, Titre de Séjour

I finished my residency paperwork this week.  Liz & I drove 30km to Poitiers, the regional capital where all such administrative things are handled, and afterward, enjoyed a coffee & croissant on the main square… it was like a rare date.  (No worries… we eventually DID go back for the kids!)


…for checking in on us again this week. Let what you read inform your prayers for us. We value them greatly and by them you contribute to the work of God here.


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