Twisting, Turning & Conversations

“Can I have a trombone serenade with that length of rope
and cotton candy sir?”

…said no AIMer ever, to neighbours they barely know.
But we could have!

Neighbourhood Flea-Market

vide grenier, la Bruyère, barbe à papa, tracteur, four à pain, trombone

Sunday afternoon, following church our neighbourhood hosted its annual flea-market. They call it a “vide-grenier” (“clean-out the attic”) here and it was even more than that.

There were the folks who were setting up tables or selling from the back of their cars…. but there were also antique tractors, a “big brass band” & drummers, antiques, demonstrations of rope-twisting and wood turning… not to mention the treats!

The treats came in both savory and sweet… there was cotton candy and something like beaver tails in strips… but there was also fresh bread being made in a portable wood-fired oven (on wheels) and pig thighs roasting over open coals (see photo). Although we’d already had lunch… we couldn’t resist the treats… can you blame us!?

My favorite was the hot bread straight out of the oven.

A New Net

Basketball, Châtellerault, La Grande Bruyère, Basket, Vide-GrenierThe boys were thrilled to find a basketball hoop for only 3€.  Although there’s a court a short walk from the house, they were keen on finding one to mount in the back hanger of the church for after service.  It’s not installed there yet, but they couldn’t wait to use it… so they took turns climbing the apple tree in the yard and holding the net while the other tried shooting hoops…

(no slam dunk contests here!)

Mother’s Day

PerUnited Pentecostal Church, Châtellerault, UPCI France, Église Pentecôtiste Unie, Fête des Mèreshaps I should back up a bit and tell you, too, that this past Sunday was also Mothers’ Day here in France. Bro. Christian preached and Liz brought an “exhortation” that was absolutely right on the mark. She’s not one that cherishes the limelight… but she’s definitely qualified to speak on motherhood… she takes the gold medal!

In addition, we gave to each mother in attendance, a small bouquet of 5 roses (you’ve got to love a country where, on Mothers’ Day weekend, you can get 20 miniature roses for 4.50€). Grandmothers in attendance also got a miniature sunflower… because, like the sun, they have the opportunity to “turn the heads” (provide guidance, direction & inspiration) not only of their children, but their grandchildren as well.


When I asked Liz how she would sum up this past week… it was with the word “Conversations.” This week, the LORD has given us some good ones:

Monday we had coffee with a young couple who had visited church twice. He is quite interested in a Bible study but for now she’s working through questions and a family health crisis…

Tuesday we met & had a good conversation with a lady who, although she’d been attending for some time, has begun to express a desire to be baptized.

Tuesday evening we enjoyed great conversation with some neighbours. We had two sunflowers left from Sunday, so we gave one to our neighbour with a little note. They invited us in, showed us around their house & garden and asked us to use “tu” with them instead of “vous”(a sign of closeness and informality).

Wednesday we did the same thing with the neighbour on the other side and on Thursday afternoon she called over to thank us and let us know how much it meant to her to receive a gift from such new neighbours.

Sometimes a small gesture can crack wide open a doorway that we can then use to bring the Lord closer people. Thank you LORD for open doors and conversations!


AYCFrance, AYC2015, #AYCFrance, #AYC2015, Apostolic Youth Corps, General Youth Division

In 2 weeks Liz, the kids and I will accompany the General Youth Division’s Apostolic Youth Corps trip to France. 37 young people from across North America along with two chaperone couples will spend 10 days experiencing the churches, culture and history of France. It’ll be a Great Adventure for sure and since “Experience Breeds a Burden” some could find themselves back here on AIM someday.  Cannot wait!

Prayer Focus

– Preparations for AYC in two weeks
– Preparations for Bible School next weekend
– The kids will finish up their homeschool year in the next weeks
– More & more fruitful conversations

God bless your day today… thanks for checking in!

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