Dogs, Poultry & Exploration

What can I tell you about this week that you don’t already know?  Let me begin by saying that it was both mundane and extraordinary at the same time.

Bible School Housekeeping

From a work perspective, this week consisted primarily of Bible School housekeeping. After last week’s full week of teaching, there was a fair bit of marking and grade calculation to be done. I also finished marking & grading the last straggling tests & papers from the Spring session as well. It feels very good to have this off of my plate.  (You know that feeling you get when you look at that “one particular pile”!!).

It was done just in time too. The 2015-2016 Bible School year begins next Saturday.

La Rentrée

The North-American term “Back-to-School” is translated as simply “la rentrée” (the coming back). It refers not only to the return to school, but also to the return from summer holidays and the recommencement of clubs or organizations that have taken a break for the summer.   Several folks who have been away on summer vacation are beginning to make their way back to church as well… vive la rentrée!

Replacing Jayc

Chicken Coop, Dutch Bantams, Poulailler Nevada, Gamm Vert, Rooster, HenRemember back in July when we were excited to welcome a Beagle pup, named Jayc, to the family. Well… within 24h, Jayc was paralyzed in the hind quarters. The breeder came & got him, took him to the vet and that was pretty much the end as neither cause nor cure could be found. The breeder replaced him with a second pup and after 5-6 days, again, signs of severe illness. The breeder came back and took him to the vet as well… same result. In the end, this well established breeder’s kennel had been hit with a bad virus and lost 47 dogs.  We weren’t ready for a “round 3”, sooooo…..

This week we welcomed a pair of Dutch Bantam chickens into the family (we’ve had small animals before – chickens, quail, rabbits & homing pigeons – so we were in familiar territory!)Meet “Jayc (remembering our beagle pups) and “Ginger (*think… “Chicken Run”, the movie*). Sophie is our “Chicken-ista” and handles them like a pro!

Thursday we put their pen together and now can enjoy their pecking, scratching and clucking all day long (along with the occasional crow).


Île Cognet, Châtellerault, Pont Henri IV, La Vienne,On Thursday, Liz spent a few hours at the church with one of our ladies who regularly cleans the building. Afterwards this sister came to the house and joined us for supper.

The kids had been wanting to visit l’île Cognet, a small island in the middle of the Vienne River that flows through downtown Châtellerault. It can’t be visited year-round, but during the summer there is a bridge facilitating access. It turns out that our sister from church had never visited the island either, although she’s lived here many years. Following supper, rather than diving straightway into dessert, we opted for a stroll to discover this quiet haven of virtual wilderness right downtown.

The kids enjoyed a wild round of hide-and-seek  and it allowed views of the Henri IV bridge than we’d not previously seen.


Could I ask for your prayer support in the following 3 ways?

  • I’ve had conversations with a few church members that reveal heavy needs. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom in working through situations with them.
  • The boys will begin school this week and Sophie a little later. Pray for strength for Liz and the kids.
  • My residency application process – although it should be straightforward there are still a few hoops to jump through before October 10th.

Thank you for your support… It is an incredible feeling to know you’re in the Lord’s will for your life! We are… and you are part of that!


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