Busyness to Madness

Thank you for stopping by to check in with us today!  I just have a short post as I’m up in Melun for the beginning of a new Bible School year.

Île Cognet

Île Cognet, Châtellerault, Pont Henri IV, La Vienne,Last week you’ll recall that l’Île Cognet is what put “exploration” into the post. Well… on Sunday afternoon, we decided to go back as Liz had not been with us on the previous trip… and we wanted to change that!

Once again, the kids split it up between looking for frogs, playing hide ‘n’ seek and climbing trees while Liz & I explored on our own.

Not only did we see a rat on one side of the island, but we saw another, on the other side, get this… carrying a piece of baguette!  I kid you not.

…must truly be a French rat!  We’ll call him “Ratatouille”.

Week of… “madness”?

Here are some positives of the week:

  • We got the lawn mowed at the church (HUGE lawn and using an electric-mower… slow and tedious, but a great time of prayer).
  • I got the remaining paperwork off to the government concerning residency. Please pray that it things go through there.
  • Dominic started school on Wednesday (he’s our “I like structure” kid… so he was glad to start back up).
  • Timo began his new school year on Thursday… someone say “AMEN!” for a staggered school start – this explains why Liz is still in one piece!
  • Sophie’s books were only shipped from Abeka this week so it’ll be a few days before she begins classes… she did, however, read a book that she’ll need to do a report for later in time.

Later on in the week though (Thursday & Friday) a few things just turned weird (not with us personally, but with some folks that we know in the community)Please pray that God gives us wisdom in working through a few things with this family. To God be the glory, great things he will do!


Yesterday I headed up to Paris earlier than I normally would because there was a couple of errands that I needed to run in the city. When those things were done, I was able to spend about an hour in the Garnier Opera… my all time favorite place in Paris! It was my first time back inside since 2012… ahhh… like going to see an old friend. (see pics below)

Today I’m at the church in Melun kicking off the new Bible School year. There will be administrative things shared and then 6 hours of classes – of which I’ll have two… starting the Pastoral Epistles (I & II Timothy + Titus).  Looking forward to a great day!Opéra Garnier, Garnier Opera, Salon des Glaces, Ice Cream Parlor Opéra Garnier, Garnier Opera, Grand Escalier

Thank you again for stopping by… please let what you read, fuel your prayers for us, for our church and for the nation of France.

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