115 Tunnels to Tuscany

As you’re sitting down with your morning coffee, I’m serving you up a few pics of our time away last week along with a few bullet points of the week that was:


Before France was ever in the picture, we began exploring Timeshare ownership. It was fairly onerous and a bit unfamiliar at first, but it paid off last week because we had a two bedroom apartment that cost only the gas to drive there + any visits & groceries on site.

We drove through 115 tunnels to get there… we counted. The shortest was 40m (120′) and the longest over 11.6km (7.2 miles)… hence today’s title.

Though within 45 min of Pisa & Florence and a bit more to Rome by train, we spent most of our time in the apartment relaxing, with the exception of a day in Pisa and two afternoons exploring nearby hill-top villages. Liz & the kids were ready for their first break from school and I did virtually nothing on the computer. What a great break. Monday morning we left for home, stopped on the Italian side of Mont Blanc for a ride up the mountain then made a final push, arriving home at 2am Tuesday.

Back Home

  • After a 17hr day Monday, Tuesday was a “lay low” kind of day, although we did put up our Christmas tree later that night, with home-made egg nog to cap off the evening.
  • Wednesday night was the 3rd lesson in our “disciplines of discipleship” series…
  • Thursday was a quick up & back to Melun (another 700km round trip).
  • Friday saw some work related to “the Pentecostal Messenger” and…
  • Praise Report: The church had a very important piece of paperwork come through from the Government this week. It is one of 3 critical steps to expanding our activities here in Châtellerault and has been several months coming.


We are hosting the National Sunday School director and her family for an afternoon of kids & youth activities at the church followed by a Holy Ghost rally tomorrow (Sunday).  Pray for the youth that will be present! Because of your prayers & support, you are part of every victory here!

God bless you as you prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus with friends and families this week!

Here are some pictures from the other side of 115 tunnels!
(click for larger versions)

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