Expect the Unexpected!

Expect the Unexpected!

Not only does the phrase “Expect the Unexpected”, describe well the experience of short term missions, it is also the slogan of Futuroscope a sort-of technology-based amusement park “à-la-Disney,” located only 20 minutes from where we live.

A short time ago, we were gifted a day-long visit to this park by youth pastor Jeremy Soufflet and his wife Marina (church in Bordeaux). During our time here they have repeatedly reached out to our kids in an attempt to ensure that they don’t feel too lonely here in France.  This means to the world to us, Thank you! (Scroll down for photos from our day.)


Finding our groove

Aside from our day at Futuroscope, and the girls’ trip to Canada… this week has been made of much more day-to-day kinds of things; Chief among them, for Liz, getting over jetlag and back into the homeschool groove.

brochu-longWe’re needing to find our groove on another level as well. Though the Brochus are back from deputation, the focus of their appointment, during this next term, will be much broader in scope, so much so that they’ll be living in the Paris region and anticipate being in Châtellerault once or twice monthly. With the Lord’s help, we’ll maintain leadership of the local church here, under their oversight.

While this didn’t take us entirely by surprise, to some extent our time here is now a different kettle of fish. Some things will change administratively but also, they will take a new house in the Paris region. However, we are living in their old house with all of their furniture… so at some point, we’ll have to buy furniture to feather the nest so-to-speak. What’s more, we’ll do this not yet knowing exactly how long we will be here.

There is a lot up in the air and we need your prayers. Pray for the church as well as it’s tough for them to see their pastor of 14 years leave. Though they love us, it’s a change for them as well.


Spring “Cleaning”

2016_04_02-mossOver the past couple of weeks, we’ve begun the process of Spring Cleaning (I’ve mowed the lawn twice already to keep the clover at bay)

One part of Spring cleaning that I’d never dealt with in Canada was “moss”… it’s everywhere here in the Spring! Here are before & after pics of the front gate (it’s PVC so cleanup is quicker than I’d’ve thought).

Keep in mind that during the winter we’ll typically get 9-11 days of precipitation per month and since temperatures don’t go below freezing… there’s a lot of moisture sitting on any hard surfaces…

– too cool to evaporate…
– too warm to freeze…
– ideal for moss-growth!


Cutting it short

I think I’ll leave it there for now so that you can take a look at pics from our very fun day!

All in all, I’d say that our church really needs your prayers over the next couple of weeks. With the transition in pastoral leadership, the enemy would like to capitalize on existing fear & uncertainty in addition to other circumstances that have hit one of our families as a means of discouraging the the work here.

We are not without hope however. In two weeks, Liz & the kids & I will be traveling to a city 2 hours from here where a new home group of 5 families has recently been established and is in need of help in teaching.

God has a plan for western France & we’re excited to be part of what is happening here! We’re happy that you are part of it as well… by your prayers and giving.

Thank you & God bless you today!


Pics from Futuroscope

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