Reunited for Easter!

Reunited for Easter!

After two weeks of solo-parenting two boys, the sun rose on a new day: A day of hope and expectation, a day where 3 would once again become 5, a day where order would be restored to the home… am I being too melodramatic?



Liz & Soph have arrived

Montreal, Paris, AC870, Air Canada, Chinon, Reunited

OK, so I’ll drop the drama and cut straight to the chase… Liz & Soph arrived safe & sound in Paris yesterday morning shortly after 9am.

They took the morning flight to Montreal and had a “quick” 10-hour layover before catching AC870 for the cross-the-pond leg of the trip.

I love my Flight Track Pro app (prev. version of FlightTrack 5), that allows me to watch, pretty much in real time, the progress of a chosen flight. Very handy for a traveling family!

We had lunch with the Brochus (more on that below) before hitting the road for our 3.5hr drive back to Châtellerault. At one point we were going to have to stop to let Pollux (our dog) have a bit of a pee-break, so given that the girls had already slept for an hour or two in the car, we decided to make that stop in Chinon, about 20km off the main highway.



Chinon is the medieval city where Joan of Arc, in March 1429, met with the dauphin who would later become Charles VII, King of France. Here she would convince him to grant her troops and supplies with which she would liberate the city of Orleans, then under siege. Between us and Chinon, above, is the Vienne River, which flow through Châtellerault as well.


Brunch with the BrochusPaul Brochu, UPCI, Global Missions, France, Missionary

Bro. Brochu picked the girls up at the airport because in addition to their luggage, they were carrying back a keyboard that Soph can use at the house… all of that would’ve been too much for our car.

After lunch together at their appartment, we recreated a photo that Facebook reminded me of this week.

On March 24, 2011, on his previous deputation, Bro. Brochu joined us in our home for a meal and here we were together again on March 25, 2016… 5 years + a day later. The opportunity was too good to pass up so we tried to recreate the same pic… What do you think? How do the two compare?


Time with the Boys

Châtellerault, le lac, la forêt, promenade

Although it was without doubt a ton of work to keep all the plates spinning while Liz & Soph were away (homeschool, services & music, boredom-busting, household) there were some perks as well; chief among them, time alone with the boys.

We took numerous walks together with Pollux  and if it was going to be a paved area, they’d take their scooters.

This was our walk last Monday evening when we circled the lake and walked through the forest on Châtellerault’s south side.

Children are a gift and a heritage from the Lord. These were precious times!


Brussels AttacksBrussels Attacks, Jihad, March 22, 2016, Terrorism

Many of you contacted us to express your concern and assure us of your prayers. Thank you for your prayers! We’re actually about 600km (380mi) from Brussels so we were not in danger.

That being said, with Liz’s family in Belgium, we’ve been through this airport many times so there was an air of familiarity there. All of Liz’s family are fine.

Prayer Request: If you are praying for Belgium, pray for The Rock Church Brussels, one of our churches very near the heart of the neighbourhood that the terror suspects call home. The church has, in the past, received threats but they are an incredible example of boldness and light shining in darkness.



Things today will go at a slow pace, no doubt (even as I write this… the house is still very quiet) and we will prepare for tomorrow, Easter Sunday. This weekend we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus: the foundation of our faith. His power over death give me hope beyond the grave… but only when I align myself closely with him, more than just culturally, do I have that hope.

Christianity is about more than simply religious affiliation, it’s about following and emulating the teachings, practices, love and compassion of Christ. “Lord, help me to be a better Christian today… I want more hope in this increasingly hope-challenged world!”


God bless you & yours this Easter weekend.

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