Still Divided… almost home

They say “A mom’s work is never done.” and I’m in a better position this week to confirm that that is the case. I’ve observed it for a number of years, but am getting a crash course in it this week!

Bible School last week

2016_03_19-drive-homeAfter driving to Paris Thursday, seeing Liz & Soph off Friday morning & spending the afternoon walking around Paris, teaching at Bible School the next day we were all ready for a good rest by the time Saturday night rolled around. Unfortunately I was driving…. so the boys & Pollux left me hanging as the km rolled by.

I started teaching the Book of Acts at Bible School and am looking forward to it. It is our heritage as apostolic believers.  Lord let us see it in France!


Brochus in Châtellerault

Brochu, UPCI, Global Missions, France, Brochu

The Brochus arrived Monday back in Châtellerault – the place they’d called home for 15 years.

They are still very much in transition, and moving back & forth between the Paris region and here, but it was good to have them in Bible Study with us on Wednesday.

Their responsibilities will be expanded during this term. Their role in the Paris region will be increased to the point that they will be basing themselves up there and coming to Châtellerault only once or twice monthly.

This is yet another reason why we wish to stay at least one more year… to remain as a “constant” or “someone familiar” to the church during this time of transition. It’s a little scary to church members as the Brochus have been a constant for 15 years and change is never without fear.


Dad & the Boys

School: The week’s been taxing, because with the girls away I’ve had to get more familiar with Timo’s curriculum and help him with it (he requires near constant supervision).

Shamrock Shakes, St. Patrick's Day, Irish, Ireland, CloverFood: I’m proud to say that I haven’t had to break open the Mac ‘n’ Cheese yet!

Fun: Last night we watched “Around the World in 80 Days” and enjoyed homemade Shamrock shakes in honour of St. Patrick’s Day this week. (*note to self* … the first one was perfect… the second was too much.. pure overindulgeance)

Worship: Liz normally leads worship and the keyboard (Sophie) is the lead instrument during services. In their absence we’ve put our hands to Songshow (songlyric display software) and had great worship: with the boys alone on Sunday and with Sis. Brochu on Wednesday.

Quality Time: I’m very much enjoying the intense quality time with the boys. Everything else (except today’s blog post) has been put on the backburner; knowing that if I tried to get some of my other stuff finished… it would only end up in frustration. I want to enjoy our time together.

(Timo would say that to really enjoy the quality time… we should forego school altogether… but then we’d have to deal with the wrath of mom… No thanks!)


Mom & Soph in Canada

2016_03_19-CanadaHere is Soph last night at the Cherish Conference at our home church in Saint John. She is well on her way to becoming a Proverbs 31 young lady: Not only strong & capable but virtuous as well. So proud of this girl and what she brings to ministry here in France!

They spent the first few days with my mom in Moncton and managed to get out to the Champlain Mall for a Starbucks very early on into their stay!

On Wednesday night, youth from our home church gathered at Starbucks yet again to chill out with Soph. They also facetimed the boys here so there was lots of laughter (and maybe a little friendly jealousy as well). Very glad that technology makes ongoing contact so easy!


Daring Scooter Escape at CDG

This just in: Airport security footage at France’s largest airport, Charles-de-Gaulle, Roissy, caught two mischevious hoodlums making a daring escape through the parking garage at Terminal 2A. Their getaway vehicles… Scooters.


It was the perfect disguise. Who’d suspect two innocent-looking kids on scooters right!? Anyone with information on the whereabouts of this pesky pair should contact the blogmaster immediately or leave a comment below!

God bless you this day, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thought I had missed your Blog but taking time with your boys is great! I so enjoy the background of your life in France.

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