Our House Divided!

Our House Divided!

For the first time in over a year our family of 5 is split between two sides of the ocean and it feels weird…

AC871: Paris – Montreal

Air Canada, AC871, Paris, Montreal, Cherish Conference, Atlantic District, UPCISo this happened yesterday… the boys said goodbye to the girls as Liz & Soph boarded AC871 (Paris-Montreal) and then connected on to Moncton where they’ll spend a few days with my mom.

They’re in Canada for 10 days so that Sophie can attend “Cherish Conference,” organized by our home district, for girls aged 8-15yrs – Teaching them what they’re really worth in a world that often cheapens what it is to be a young girl.

Sophie had been a “regular” up until last year and this is the last year that she can participate. The Sunday School of MissionPoint (our home church) raised the funds to make that possible.

Hats off to our church family…. Just INCREDIBLE!


Scootering in Paris

Scooter, Paris, Eiffel Tower, Pollux, Place de la ConcordeOnce we got the girls through security, we left the airport and headed into downtown Paris for lunch and a stroll.

The boys brought their scooters so rather than walking… they “got-their-French-on” and scootered around the Tuilleries Garden to Place de la Concorde and back to the Louvre – Pollux joined us.  After that we drove over to the Eiffel tower for Cotton Candy and an Ice Cream.

Incidentally, the first meal after Liz was gone was MacDonalds: She’s afraid that that’s a sign of things to come and that we’ll not eat well in her absence.


Celebrating with Friends

Pizza del Arte, Melun, Vert St. Denis, Seine et Marne, Pizzaria

The timing of Liz’s departure was intentional.

I had to be in Melun for IBF this weekend so in order to save an extra trip we planned her departure for yesterday and planned to drive up Thursday.

What we didn’t know at the time we booked her flights was that the Brochus were to arrive on Thursday as well. Perfect timing!

Since Liz’s birthday was also yesterday, we planned a supper together at a local pizzeria – Pizza delArte – to celebrate the Brochus’ return and Liz’s birthday. Pastor Paul Madjling (Bordeaux), Roselyne Despinoy (Melun) and our good friends Sylvain & Camille Marolle (Provins) were with us as well. Thank you Lord for precious friends!


Dog-walking with Friends

2016_03_12-dogwalkLast weekend the kids had a great Sunday afternoon with our next-door neighbours’ grand-kids.

They aren’t always around, but when they are, the kids really enjoy each others’ company. They spent an hour or so walking the dog together then played several different games around the house.

God has blessed us with great neighbours and we are thankful!


A GREAT Home Bible Study!

Last, but certainly not least, I must tell you about last Sunday night.

IMG_7310Remember Danielle whom we baptized a couple of weeks ago? This pas Sunday we drove up to Tours (45min) for a Bible Study. One of our Bible School students studies in Tours and has met with her for prayer, but we wanted to re-connect.

Imagine this: An apartment that’s 15 square meter (160 square foot) with 7 people packed in: Danielle, Liz & Sophie sat on the mattress on the floor, Dominic was on a stool with his guitar, Timo was on the floor, Danielle’s sister and I had chairs.

We sang several choruses accompanied by guitar, shared a devotional and had powerful, powerful prayer. We were humbled. Going to church in a crowd (small or big), you expect to feel God’s presence and sometimes take it for granted. When you’re only 7, in a shoe-box apartment and you feel God’s presence as powerfully as we did…. you’re once again reminded how God responds to hunger!



God responds to our hunger. If you’re in need of something today and your hunger is focused on the Lord… he will respond!

Let all that you read inform your prayers for us and for France.
God bless you richly today.



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