Pentecost: experiencing & anticipating

Pentecost: experiencing & anticipating

This has been a week where we’ve seen God’s hand at work in a couple of our services. Pentecost… it’s not just a date on the calendar or a page out of history. It’s still happening.

First though… let me tell you about the week that was…


Missionary to Spain, Nathan Harrod

MIssionary, Nathan Harrod, Barcelona, Spain, UPCI, Global Missions, Los Pentecostales de Barcelona

Last weekend while you were reading about my mom’s departure, it was Bible School weekend in Melun and missionary Nathan Harrod gave a special seminar – four sessions – in the afternoon… what an incredible young man, used mightily by the Lord in the area of healing & miracles.

He spoke on the power of prayer not only for church growth, Bible studies, evangelism & healing and shared testimonies about numerous times when God has restored sight to blind eyes, opened deaf ears and done many other miracles.

Only a few weeks ago in his church, a lady’s blind eye was healed as church members were praying for her. There was no real surprise or amazement among his congregation because the miraculous has become a common thing there.

Can you imagine!?

I had seen him in various meetings before but had never formally met him. It was an honour for me to interpret for him during two of the sessions and there was a powerful time of prayer where one student had an open, chronic sore that was healed right then & there. God is great!

“The purpose of the miraculous is to,
by a manifestation of God’s power,
draw people into God’s presence.

N. Harrod



Suds & Shakesdog bath, bathing a dog, wet dog

Timo & I did our best to give Pollux a bath this week. Although I’d grown up around dogs… I’d never actually bathed one. If one of our labrador retrievers got dirty, we’d just take it down to the lake for a swim; end of story… bath over!

Does anyone remember the scene from the 1992 family comedy “Beethoven” where the dog is on the bed and shakes his muddy, dripping self silly on the family bed? Well, although Pollux wasn’t muddy and he was in the bath-tub & not on the bed… we did experience the shimmy-shimmy-shake 3-4 times…

  1. Water went everywhere…
  2. Timo squealed with laughter…
  3. Me?   …I was imagining what Liz would say about #1. 🙂
    (but it WAS comical!)

He safely made it through the “drowned rat” stage & was a big fluff ball when we were done.


Missionary Brochu in Bible Study2016-05-13-Brochu

On Wednesday night it was great to have missionary Paul Brochu in service with us. He was in town for appointments and taught during our mid-week service.

As founding pastor of the church that we currently pastor he has a special connection to both the people and the city. He also has a unique perspective on the history of the work of God here: the seeds sown & the obstacles overcome.

He spoke on the whole armor of God and how God has equipped us for every challenge that may come against us as individuals, as churches, etc. There was a powerful presence of God around the altar after Bible Study and God surely ministered!

So encouraging to hear the voice of experience. We are very blessed to work with and learn from them!


Pentecost Weekend

Pentecost is a holiday long weekend in France (extending to Monday) so today was an insanely heavy traffic day in the Paris area as people head out of town, so much so that a single car accident just south of the capital caused traffic to completely stop, creating a 21km-long parking lot on the highway, taking 3 hours to clear!

(In Châtellerault, we consider traffic heavy when it takes us an extra 5min to cross the bridge!)

L_Cross_Dove_BIn our world though… the day of Pentecost (Acts chp. 2, the Bible) is universally recognized as the birth day of the modern church, making it an important day in terms of church history. Pentecost is the day when, for the first time, the Spirit of God lived IN the heart of men & women…. giving them power to overcome obstacles and hope to exercise that power.

Do you know why a weekend like Pentecost is important?  Let me give you an example…

This week in France a 19 year-old girl was so hopeless that she committed suicide and broadcast it via Periscope to the 30-40 people who were watching it live; in horror & utter disbelief.

Many people are looking for power to overcome in their daily lives. That’s why we’re in France… to point the ones that cross our path to the Lord and say, like King David & like Jesus:

“My help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”
(Psalm 121.1 – King David)

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you;
and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea
and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
(Acts 1.8 – Jesus)

God bless you today!
May we all experience the power of Pentecost this weekend!




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