Garden Spades, Balloons & Fireworks


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Garden Spades & Hot Air Balloons


We did a bit of work around the church yard this week although it’s been a challenge with the 30-36 deg. weather (80s – 90s). One fairly sizeable task was reworking the garden at the front door of the church.

I should’ve done a true ‘before & after’ but neglected to get a decent before pic.

See the root I’m trying to extract from the ground in the top picture? The plant itself was a member of the yucca family and well over 2m (6′) high and nearly 2m in width at full-spread. It was overpowering the rest of the bed and increasingly blocking the window on the left.

The boys helped me get it out and we replanted with a standard, multi-stemmed olive tree and some boxwood. Should be neater and easier going forward.


As for  the hot air balloons, last week was the European youth ballooning championship and this week, the world championships. There were 30+ balloons in the sky, both morning and evening, for several days running. So nice!

(If you’re in New Brunswick reading this… the irony is that for years we lived 45min from the Sussex Balloon Festival, but had never gone! …shame on me!)

Also this week… I was helping leaders of the French National Bible Quizzing program as they begin to prepare for the launch of next years material.


Fireworks in Angles-sur-l’Anglin

Last weekend we headed out to one of our favourite little nearby villages, Angles-sur-l’Anglin, with a few folks from church for their annual fireworks show.

We’d seen it last year from the upper village, but we headed out early and got a spot perched right on the bank of the Anglin River this year.  Once we’d ‘laid claim’ to a spot… the boys & I headed up for a spin on the bumper cars and they did some bungee-trampoline as well.

Here are a few photos.


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