European Youth Convention

European Youth Convention

Last Sunday morning I hopped on an Air Canada Express jet to start the trip back to France after three great weeks back home. When I think of those three weeks, I am thankful for I experienced the hand, and faithfulness, of God once again.  Isn’t that what having a living, current relationship with God all about… experiencing him afresh on a regular basis?!

Goodbye Fredericton!

If you recall, I spent the last two days in our provincial capital, hosted by Bros. Raymond Woodward and Jack Leaman – two men who were instrumental in our transition into Pentecost back in the late 1990’s. Their hospitality is incredible and their friendship a thing of value. It was a good shot in the arm to sit under the faith-filled preaching of Pastor & Mrs. Anthony Mangun (Alexandria, LA) as well. His is a voice that God has used to challenge and inspire me at several key points along this path of serving God.

Hello Montreal!

Dieudonné Kahozi, UPC Saint Laurent, Église Pentecôtiste Unie, MontréalWhen planning my flights, I scheduled my layover in Montreal in such a way as to be able to attend the French service at the UPC of Saint-Laurent.

Pastor Dieudonné Kahozi is another one of those ministry friends whose example both inspires and challenges me. and for good reason. This French congregation has grown from some 70 to over 400 in the past 10 years and has planted several daughter churches during the same time – one of which is already outgrowing it’s building.

Theirs is an example of what a high level of consecration and activity can achieve for the Lord’s kingdom.

Touchdown in France

Pont Henri IV, Henry the fourth bridge, Châtellerault

After my over-night flight landed in Paris Monday morning, I embarked on the other two thirds of – “Planes, trains & automobiles” before finally arriving home to Liz & the kids.

…good to be away,
good to be home…

The first few days were pretty low key… getting back into the swing of things, getting over jet-lag and doing my best to get over a stubborn cold that hung tight my entire time in Canada.  It was good to simply spend time as a family again…. but it would be the calm before the proverbial storm.

European Youth Convention

UPCI, France, European Youth Convention, EPU France, Église Pentecôtiste Unie, CELR MelunYesterday we drove up to Melun (just south of Paris) for what began years ago as the national youth convention, but which has become the de facto European Youth Convetion, as young people come from all over Europe to attend.

Last night consisted of a free gospel music concert where choirs from Melun and Villier-le-Bel participated. Services take place today and tomorrow, with UPCI Youth President Michael Ensey as guest speaker.

We’re looking forward to what God will do not only in the lives of our kids but in the youth of this continent.

We remember….

#ParisAttacks, Châtellerault, la France, Prière, #PrayforFrance

Ironically enough, yesterday was what is known in Canada as Remembrance Day, a day when we pause to mark the sacrifice of those who lost their lives during war to ensure our peace.

France, however, is marking not only the impact of the two great wars and other conflicts, but is also marking the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Paris…. November 13th, 2015.

Tomorrow marks that terrible milestone.

I believe that young people, filled with the hope that comes from knowing the Lord Jesus, if they nourish that relationship in a balanced and regular way grow up to be assets to the global community. They will be the best counter-terrorism measure going!

…and that’s part of why we’re in France… to be part of cultivating that kind of young person. First and foremost, those that are under our own roof and after that, in the churches of France.

We’re an extension of you…

Thank you for being part of what we do here. We are an extension of your ministry… whether you be a prayer partner, a financial partner or our moral support. You too can impact this country, indirectly.  But you can directly impact your own corner of the world.

If you continually pause to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for you and the strength that he gives us for each day. Use that strength to lift him up… “that in all things HE may have the preeminence.” (Col. 1.18)

God bless you today my friend!

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