“Yes, Mr. President!”

“Yes, Mr. President!”

It never ceases to amaze us how God reveals himself in the “little things”… well, we call them little, but every time God does something that is outside of the norm… is it really little?

Move over Donald Trump!

There’s a new Mr. President in town and his name’s Timo!

Some of you may recall a post earlier this fall where we mentioned that both of the boys had been elected by their classmates as Class Representatives… Dominic as Vice President and Timo as class President. Little by little we are discovering some of the obligations around that; today I’ll focus on Timo:

  • When other kids are sick, Timo is usually called upon to take them to the school nurse.
  • If teachers need something from the office, they’ll ask Timo to go.
  • Class Council: This is the biggest surprise. A couple of times each year, each class president from Timo’s grade meets with all of the teachers for that grade. They briefly discuss, case by case, students who are at risk, student-complaints about teachers or staff, Calendar items & event planning, etc.

Not only does this give Timo an enhanced role at the school, but it increases our opportunities to interact with and get to know school personnel.

The Vice-Principal, shared with me a glowing report about Timo… how he’s well appreciated by both peers and teachers and is considered “a pillar” by many.

This is God’s favor at work through Timo.

Dominic.. the Workin’ Man!

All 9th graders here do a 3-day unpaid work placement, ideally, in the field that they’d like to work in one day. Dominic isn’t 100% sure exactly what he’d like to do, but he knows it has something to do with working in  the building industry.

Having only been here for two years, you can imagine that our well of connections in the building industry is limited, but we approached a man who had repaired our church gate and he was willing to take Dominic for the three days.

After spending Monday & Tuesday on some national testing preparation, he spent Wednesday through yesterday working with a locksmith: who actually does everything that closes in a building: windows, gates, garage doors, skylights, locks & doors, etc.

Days began at 8:00am and lasted until 6:30pm usually… Those are long days!

He had a great time and the owner even blessed him with a cheque at the end of it: He was so impressed with Dominic, the way he worked and how polite he was.

This is God’s favor, expressed in Dominic’s life.

Great Teeth!

After nearly two years, we figured we were about due for a visit to the dentist. At home, of course, we’d go roughly every 6 months because health coverage in Canada allowed for that. Here though, we only have emergency medical coverage, nothing that covers proactive care…. so, you limit your costs in that area.

The kids went last week and this week was Liz & I and amazingly, after two years, there wasn’t a single cavity in sight nor was there any previous work (fillings, etc.) that needed repair or replacement.

It may seem like a small thing or a happy coincidence but I’m telling you. I believe that it’s the favor of God expressed through a “little thing” because we have sacrificed to be in his will and work to build his kingdom.

Celebrating small things

Zechariah 4.10 talks about “not despising the day of small things.”

One way to show disdain for small things is to simply chalk them up to coincidence and not attribute them to God. This week however we’ve had several reminders that God is in control and cares about all aspects of our life and it reminds us that if he’s able to take care of these “small things”, then how much more capable is he of taking care of the big ones as well.

Today I urge you to look for God in the little things. Acknowledge his role in them and then watch how he begins to work in more and more ways.

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