Early will I seek thee…

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The Camille de Hogues Bridge, Châtellerault

I once heard a pastor say that one of the reasons that the early morning is such a good time to spend alone with the Lord is this: Spiritually speaking, the early morning is also the most quiet.

As multitudes of people awake, he said, their spirits – whether good or bad, peaceful or constantly agitated – also begin to stir, making the spiritual atmosphere more active. I can’t give you theology to back that up but it sounds reasonable enough.

If there are two good reasons, though, for spending time with the Lord, early in the day, it is these:

Jesus did it… and that’s a great example to follow.

There truly is a peacefulness about that hour of the day.
(if you went to bed early enough the night before)

Whether you spend time with the Lord early in the day, accompanied by your post-lunch coffee or in the evening, the most important thing is to give him part of your day.

It’s an investment that pays great dividends.

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  1. there is so much truth in this-the world is quieter and so are our hearts, I think. Tasks do not present themselves at such odd hours usually. Well. this works for me. I pray right off in the morning and then go out late in the evening. Thank you.

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