Sometimes it’s the Small Things

Sometimes it’s the Small Things

Ever noticed that elderly couple that’s been married “forever”? He’s not hiring 45 people to declare his love for her “à la Flash-mob” and similarly, she’s not sending him on a $500 shopping spree at his favorite tool-store. After being in love for that long, it’s not necessarily the “big things” that capture their attention and expresses their love for one another… it’s the little things that take place daily. It’s the toast & coffee, done up just the way he likes. It’s holding the car door open for her and holding her hand as they drive… it’s regular stream of seemingly little, everyday things. So it is, also, with the Lord.

Let me come back, in a little bit, to how the Lord “held hands” with us this week. First, let’s look at the week that was…

Bible School & Paris

Paris 3 Days No Stress, Book, Travel Guide, Paris

Remember me telling you last Saturday that it was a Bible School weekend and that I was in the Paris area?  Well after 3hrs of classes on 1st Corinthians on Saturday morning, lunch with the students and a meeting with Bro. Brochu, I started to make my way home.

I had a margin of a couple hours so I went downtown to do a little “work”. (I know…it’s hard to consider walking around Paris as work, but there was a purpose.)

I’m going to be doing some extra promotion of the book this summer and thought it’d be helpful to have pics of the book in front of sights & attractions that I feature in it.

Bible Study in Tours

On Wednesday, the boys had the day off of school so Liz worked with them to help get all of Thursday’s homework done early so that we could all head up together for a Bible Study with Sis. Danielle.

We wanted to make a special effort to get up and be with her (it’s about an hour away) because she lost her father to illness on Monday. He was in Gabon (Africa) and she won’t be able to get back for the funeral next week.  As it turns out, her cousin Beatrice was there with her as well. This is a photo of Liz with the two ladies, taken last fall when they shared a Thanksgiving dinner with us. Sweet, sweet presence of the Lord in that tiny apartment. I’m so thankful that God doesn’t always require us to be in a huge church buildings for His Spirit to move!

While walking around up there, Dominic had no jacket on and the weather was drizzly.  Thursday, he ended up coming home from school at noon with a sore throat and was home yesterday as well. Soph developed similar symptoms yesterday as well. Lots of hot liquids are in order!

Holding hands… the Small Things

Pierre de Ronsard, Rose, Provins, ChâtelleraultIf you’re from New Brunswick, some of you may recognize this first photo of the pink roses. I had it printed up on note-cards a while back. It’s a photo that I took here in France back in 2005 when I was visiting UNESCO World Heritage village of Provins (about an hour south-east of Melun) with friends.

Those cup-shaped blossoms have about 50 petals and are almost best appreciated when they’re overhead, given the tendency to droop due to the weight. Those ones in Provins stole my heart (so to speak), when matched with that burgundy shutter. I’d never seen a rose like it before and fell quite in love with it.

Then, after moving here, I found that they were readily available in the garden centers and promptly bought one for the house (bottom pic) and a couple for the church yard (middle pic).

In 2005 I thought I’d found a “once in a lifetime rose” (something you see once & then never quite see the same again) but now that it’s well established, I get to admire it every day, draped over our mailbox. It’s like one of those little special moments shared by older couples in love. God doesn’t have to always do the big, showy things to get my attention or prove his love for me (he proved his love 2,000 years ago on the cross), but every day that this rose is in bloom, it’s like he smiles at me.

Such is the sentimentality of a gardener. 🙂
I see God’s hand in even the small things… and I’m thankful.

New Writing Project

I’d ask you to keep a new project in prayer if you would.

Different from the first book (intended to be purely targeted for the masses), this next one will be close to my heart but for different reasons. It will be devoted to Short-Term Missions – some of the things I’ve learned in the past 30 years or so of off-n-on STM involvement and which, I hope, will help others have as positive an experience as I’ve had over the years. It will be launching just in time for North American Youth Congress, where I’ll be attending with Sophie & Dominic (Liz & Timo have special plans of their own).

STMMSTM, how to prepare, prepare through prayer

Speaking of Short-Term Missions… Monday’s STM post will be of the subject of preparing for your time away through prayer and how to pray in the lead-up.

Do you know someone who’s participating in a STM project this summer…. let them know about this STMM series.


That’s it for today… God bless you & thank you for stopping by!
Let what you read inform your prayers for us and for France.




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