Go ahead… Flourish!

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Leaf of my zelkova bonsai (Japanese Elm).

Proverbs 11 goes into great detail distinguishing between what it refers to as “the righteous,” “the just” or “the merciful” and “the wicked,” “the fool” or “the cruel.” 

There are many benefits to doing one’s best to manifest righteousness:
not feigned righteousness
not self-righteousness
but righteousness for the purpose of pleasing God.

One of the benefits is that we will flourish “like a branch” (KJV) or, as the NIV puts it…
like a green leaf.

A green leaf is:

(though it may be surrounded by disease)

well watered
(though it may be surrounded by drought)

connected to the tree
(as soon as connection is severed, it is doomed)

Pleasing to the eye
(there is a beauty about it)

full of purpose
(it provides shelter and cool refreshing to those that would take shelter in or under it)

As a Christian, or someone who is seeking God: If you will stay connected to the source – which is Jesus – you will receive nourishment amidst the drought and you will remain spiritually healthy, despite any dysfunction that may surround you. There will be something attractive about your spirit and you will fulfill a purpose in the lives of those around you.

Cultivate righteousness… and flourish!

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