Great will be their Peace

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Our kids out for an autumn bike ride around Châtellerault.

The whole of Isaiah 54 speaks of a hopeful promise… a time when the pain of the past would be left behind and the future would be brighter. In fact, it is in this same chapter, that we hear the very familiar quotation:

“No weapon formed against thee shall prosper” (v.17)

If you feel as though you are, or have been, weighed down by a very heavy past, I encourage you to go read Isaiah 54. All of the promises made in there are said to be the heritage of the servants of the Lord.

I want very much for my children to experience great peace, but that will not happen all by itself… the same verse states the prerequisite:

“Thy children shall be taught of the Lord”

Teach your children something of the Lord today…
you will build in them a recipe for peaceful living down the road.

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  1. such a beautiful passage and inspiring-really. we should invest first in our childrens’ spiritual life-for nothing else truly comes with guarantee-all of the education,money or power in this world mean nothing if, they do not know God. great post! thank you

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