Language & STM

Language & STM

Hey there… Let’s talk about Short-Term Missions.
Today I’d like to address the question of Language and STM:

  • Do you already speak the language of your destination-country?
  • Do you intend to learn it?
  • Do you need to learn it.

The answer to that last question is determined by a number of factors, four of which I’ll discuss in today’s podcast episode. Briefly, I’ll look at the following:

4 Factors that drive language requirements

  • Missionary or Field Requirements
  • Type of Involvement
  • The length of your STM service
  • Where you’re at in the STM process

What about fluency?

What if you have knowledge of the language, but you’re not totally fluent… is fluency a game-changer?

Audio Format

I’m trying a new delivery mechanism for content in today’s post. Anchor is a free app that allows you to record audio clips, string them together and essentially make a short podcast episode.

You don’t have to have the app to listen however as the link will open in a browser window.

Click the image to take a listen and
let me know what you think.

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Have questions?
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Let’s talk about Short-Term Missions!

Next Post: Talking to your pastor about STM

How do you broach the subject of STM involvement?
You WANT your pastor on board!




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