Tunnel Vision and a Fresh Outlook

Tunnel Vision and a Fresh Outlook

I’ve been thinking a bit about tunnel vision this week… you know, when you’re too deep into the trees to be able to see the forest.

We can go through times of spiritual tunnel vision as well. Times when you get so focused on a specific scenario, a specific problem that you’re trying to resolve… that you find yourself feeling like your back is up against a wall.

At times like that, even something as simple as a physical change of scenery can help you to gain perspective, but let me come back to that in a little bit.

End Times

On Wednesday nights we’ve been going through Irvin Baxter’s Understanding the End Times DVD series.

It is truly incredible to see, in light of the many crises around the world and the state of world politics, how Bible prophecy is coming to pass before our very eyes.

There shall be “wars and rumours of wars… nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. (Matthew 24.6-8)

Liz & I, as adults, have previously heard teaching on the End Times, unlike the kids who hadn’t  had much. It’s been interesting to see and hear their reaction. It’s really quite astounding!

More than ever, the church needs to be like the wise bride; waiting for Jesus, the bridegroom, with her wick trimmed, her lantern lit and with oil to spare.

Change of Seasons

I didn’t mention it last weekend, but the past two weeks have been a lot about getting things tidied up for … w….W… Winter! (I hate to say the word, don’t you?)  The hedge needed a final trim and the lawn a (hopefully) final mow, but perhaps the biggest job was trimming one of the two apple trees which, until last week, were both the same size. They’re roughly forty years old and were planted by our elderly neighbour when he was a young man (and his father still owned the property). We’ll see if tree #2 gets tackled this year or next.

Also found this pretty morning glory growing among the mint along the fence.

Under the Weather

Towards the end of last week and the beginning of this one, Liz was not feeling well. Things cleared up for her and by yesterday afternoon, it was my turn to feel lousy. Bring on an abundance of hot drinks – from herbal tea to coffee!

If the foam on the coffee looks a bit green… it is. We’ve been missing the StarbucksPeppermint Mocha coffee recently and came up with a bit of a substitute!  🙂


Bible School Weekend

hauts de france, éoliennes, highway, nord de franceYesterday once the boys got back from school, Liz & I hopped in the car and headed to Melun where we will both teach today.

I’m continuing with Paul’s epistles and Liz continues to work through Oswald Chambers’ book Spiritual Leadership with the students.

Pray for safe travel as we drive back home this afternoon.


If you happened to see my Instagram feed this week, you would’ve seen both of these photos already… they’re taken in the city of Saumur.

Located in the Loire River Valley, it is roughly 80km (50miles) from Châtellerault and of a similar size in terms of population.  There isn’t a oneness apostolic church there…

Coming back to the idea of tunnel vision, my teaching days in Angers have been helpful in that they get me out of Châtellerault, give time to think & pray in the car and take me through new places. It’s so funny how a simple change in scenery can help you hear the Lord’s heartbeat and come back to your daily situation refreshed and with new energy.

That’s what brought me to Saumur. This past Monday I took some time to prayer walk through this quaint little city on my way home. There are so many places where Jesus needs to be lifted up so that all men can be drawn unto him!

Pray for France.

Prayer Requests:

We’d really appreciate your prayers over the coming weeks for the following two items:

  1. Because of Liz’s European citizenship and my part-time teaching, it may be possible for us to access French medical coverage (which would facilitate a number of things). Pray for this process.
  2. We’ll soon launch a new fundraising effort. We need both monthly partners and one-time donations to help not only with ongoing expenses but also:
    • Annual tenants’ tax (we have to pay this for the first time)
    • Dominic will soon need braces (Eventually Timo as well)
    • Sophie’s high-school graduation (May 2018, in Pensacola, Florida… we’ll need help with airfare).

God bless you this week!
Thank you for spending this time with us.




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