C is for… Calm (before the storm)

C is for… Calm (before the storm)

Well… for me it’s been the calm before the storm. Perhaps a bit less so for Liz. Let me explain…

This time last week, I headed out to Over & Above where I’d spend the week house-sitting for friends who’d gone away for a bit. If you’re familiar with Over and Above, you’ll know that it’s more animal-sitting than house sitting… but that’s OK.

These folks have been a HUGE blessing to us and so it’s a pleasure to return the favour and help them out when we have the opportunity. Liz would still be fighting to get health-care coverage here if it wasn’t for them.


Service on Sunday morning was great. We felt the presence of the Lord and had a good report from Annie (one of our older members). The doctor had put her on oxygen a couple of weeks ago (she was going to have to take it everywhere) but the Lord answered prayer and she was able to go without it this week.

Following service, Liz & the kids packed up and came back out to the farm with me where we had dinner around an old wooden table and had a low-key afternoon with a fire roaring in the fireplace.

The kids walked dogs, swung ‘neath the walnut tree and Timo got to feed the peacock by hand… Cool!

Toward nightfall, they packed up and headed back to town since the kids had school the following day. I did a final check on the horses, re-stoked the fire and then settled in for the night.


Spring Cleaning

Liz came back out on Tuesday and we spent the day together doing a few things that a busy working couple wouldn’t normally have time to do when they have a whole mess of animals on top of their jobs.

We did some spring cleaning for them (it’s amazing how dust accumulates on a hobby-farm) again, with a goal of being a blessing. When they come back from vacation… things will shine just a little bit brighter.

I’ve always dubbed this place an “Over & Above Blessing” and we wanted to go over and above simply keeping the animals and watching the house.

End of classes

Well the kids are now officially done classes for the year. Sophie because she’s DONE done and the boys because, although they just came back from holidays and had one week of classes, there are several holidays and professional development days which mean that they’ve closed down the schools for the upcoming week (and we leave the following week)Can you tell they’re excited!?

This week…

Three main things will take up our attention this week:

  1. We’ll be helping the Brochus move furniture & their possessions out of our house. We’ve been using their furniture since they’ve been in a furnished house. That will change by the time we return so they need some of their things to fill the new house they’ll be in.
  2. We’ll be tying up loose ends in preparation for our departure in just over a week (hard to believe).
  3. We’ll be hosting good friends from Canada – Pastor & Mrs. Dan Desroches for the weekend. So I’ll have to make a quick trip up to Paris to get them.

In all of this… calm & storm, panic, peace & preparations… the Lord has been faithful and we are in good hands.

Thank you for your prayers & support!

God bless you this week!

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