Two Birthdays…

Two Birthdays…

All three kids have enjoyed spending time with their friends in the Saint John church over the past two weeks or so. It’s like they’ve just slipped right back into things like hand in glove – and that’s nothing short of the Lord’s hand in / on their lives. We’re thankful. Let me tell you why…

Liz and I have both had our share of spending time away from childhood friends. For me it was a 2yr stint in Belgium and for Liz it was, first, a year-long exchange trip to the states in high school, followed by her 17yrs in Canada. Friendships changed. There was a new distance that hadn’t been there before, for no other reason than that everyone had had different life experiences during the time away… leading to “drift”.

One of the things we were secretly concerned about was the possibility of that happening with the kids’ friends. We even had little hints of discussion around it, to plant a seed of what to expect… just in case.

But the Lord blessed our kids…

Dominic’s Birthday

Last Sunday was Father’s Day here in Canada, but it was also Dominic’s birthday.

Content to forego some of the traditional Father’s Day honours directed at me, I was so pleased to facilitate a great time for he and his friends.

These three bosom-buddies came over for the afternoon and splashed around the pool for most of the time (easy entertainment). Liz had gotten everything together and I took my position at the Bar-B-Q.

It’s amazing how many hot dogs & hamburgers 5 teenage boys can consume! Strawberries and cream on pound cake and the deal was done as far as we were concerned.

To watch these boys then pray for each other, and pray for others, around the altar that evening in church was just tremendous.

Thank you Lord for ties that bind!

Sophie’s Turn

Fast forward to yesterday and it was Sophie’s turn.

Soph is not one to wear her emotions on her sleeve, for the most part, so as the day progressed with little fanfare, she didn’t let too much show.

She worked in the garden with our host and spent the afternoon re-connecting with “her piano” at a friends house (they are ‘babysitting’ our piano until we return to Canada… whenever that will be).

We all regrouped at the church for prayer meeting last night and were invited out for “coffee” at a friends house afterwards.

Soph was not thrilled but the prospect of getting a Dairy Queen Blizzard for the road made for a reasonable compromise.

In fact the “coffee” was just a cover and waiting at the friends’ house were about 10 other youth from the church. Cake, chips, conversation & snapchat filters made for great fun until we headed outside for the bonfire for more fun… sparklers!

We all sat around until close to midnight laughing at old memories and making new ones.

God Knows…

Just like this pair of geese is constantly looking out for their 5 goslings, so God is looking out for us. He knows what concerns we have in our heart, whether we express them out loud or not.

This time at home has been a HUGE blessing to our kids. They have reconnected – and continue to do so – with long time Christian friends. There’s something special about that.

Such friends are like a security blanket… acting both as a source of comfort and protection, depending on the need.

“Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights who doesn’t change.”
James 1.7

Birthdays are a time for gifts… but the best gifts come from the Lord!

God bless you this week…
and may He give you good gifts!

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