Settling in Saint John

Settling in Saint John

So this happened earlier this week.

I got to taste, for the first time in a LONG time… some Grand Manan dulse; an edible & highly nutritious seaweed harvested in the Bay of Fundy. Anyone not from here likely won’t appreciate it as the taste is pretty unique, but for me it conjures up memories of childhood strolls through the city market with my grandfather.

Since I missed last week (that’s twice in the past month and a half… I gotta get it together), let me tell you a bit about the past two weeks…

Service in Moncton, NB

Truth Tabernacle, Moncton, New Brunswick, UPCI, United PentecostalOn our final Sunday in Moncton with Mom, we were able to attend service at Truth Tabernacle, with Pastor & Mrs John Woodcock. This small church is a powerhouse in a number of ways.

They have incredible worship that just goes on and on and everyone sings! (It might seem odd to say that but some churches are “singing-er” than others!) Secondly, this church has given beyond their size to our mission work in France.

We are grateful for their support and for the opportunity to preach there in that service, where three people took on Jesus’ name in baptism! Awesome!

Off to Saint John

beekeeping, honey, pure honey, wildflower honey, italian beesWe made the trip to Saint John in two stages (given the people + suitcase to car space ratio). We drove the kids down on Wednesday so that they could attend youth group, which was a surprise to many, then Liz & I drove down on Thursday.

We’re staying with friends who have opened their home to us for not one week, not two, nor three… but for our entire time in Saint John. When we think of the generosity that they are showing to us… we are overwhelmed.

They’re a bit camera-shy but I was able to get a picture of Stuart installing his new nucs of honey bees into his hives. We also got to taste some of last year’s wildflower honey…. so awesome!

Our Home Church

MissionPoint Church, Saint John, New Brunswick,, father daughter dinnerHow good it is to be back at our home church!!

  • On Friday night we joined with the rest of the church family in prayer.
  • Saturday there was a father-daughter banquet fundraiser for some outreach that will happen in Nova Scotia in the summer.
  • Sunday was service – both in the morning and in the evening.
  • Wednesday was Bible Study and youth group…

After each of the services on Sunday and again on Wednesday, the youth went out for dinner or a snack somewhere nearby. What a nice change for our kids to be surrounded with others their age. This is one of the main reasons that we’re spending time home this summer.

Evangelist Aaron Wright ministered in the Sunday services… Sunday evening’s message was a real encouragement to us… “The Disposition of Defeat”. How often, in our Christian walk, we can focus on failures rather than on what the Lord ultimately wants to do in our lives.

Around Town Stuff

Uptown Saint John, New Brunswick, Canterbury Street

So… how else have we occupied our time since arriving in Saint John?  Here are the Top 5 things:

  1. Relaxing – it’s been a busy few weeks with one week here, 10 days there, pack-unpack the suitcase, etc. We’re settled into one spot for a month or so and the coffee is free-flowing.
  2. Re-Discovering – There are a few things we’ve had to look for in our “barn” and “book-stash” at the church. Sorting through boxes has given us the chance to throw out some things, consolidate others & re-discover things we’d forgotten.
  3. Visiting – We’ve of course had several opportunities to see old friends… whether from our old neighbourhood, ministry settings, former colleagues, etc. It’s been a real JOY!
  4. Memory-lane-ing – Kind of similar to #2, I’ll grant you, but where it related to things and #3 related to people… this relates to places. We’ve strolled through uptown Saint John, driven through our old neighbourhood and had old favorites at our Tim Horton’s (the one the kids could walk to before leaving for France).
  5. Church – We’ve been leading a church, virtually by ourselves for the better part of two years… so it’s easy for Christianity to become tied up in what we do as opposed to who we are. Now it’s nice to step back for a bit and be in a familiar place where we’re on the receiving end.Saint John, New Brunswick, SaintAwesome


Here’s looking at you Saint John!


Thanks for following along.
Please pray for times of refreshing over the next several weeks leading up to our return to France at the end of July.

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