Waffles at Grandma’s

Waffles at Grandma’s

We made it safely to Grandma’s house and have been laying low, recuperating from all the activity of the past several weeks.

I’ll tell you about our trip home and how God facilitated all of that, but first, let me wrap up our time in Florida…

Dinner with Friends

Freddy Decoster, Maria Decoster, Mike & Liz LongBack in March I received a text from an old friend, letting me know, among other things that he & his family were now living in Orlando. It had been years since we’d seen each other and about 13 years since our wives had seen each other. We were able to meet up and have dinner at Golden Corral on our second-to-last night.

Freddy Decoster was the first person to give me a hunger for the baptism of the Holy Ghost back in the early 1990’s. I’d heard about it of course, but just figured it was the ‘gift of tongues’… reserved for a certain few and that if God wanted me to have it, he’d give it.

I forgot the role that hunger has to play in an ongoing experience with God.

God hadn’t given it to me up to that point… but possibly because I can’t say I really hungered for it or sought it.

In 1994, Freddy was visiting me in Canada & we spent some time camping in the State of Maine. It was during that camping trip that God filled me with the Holy Ghost. No loud church service. No crowd of people praying around me…. just me and the Lord (even Freddy was asleep in the tent beside me). I’ll always treasure the way that experience played out.

We don’t get to see each other often, but it’s always a blessing when we do.

Grandma’s House

We’ve spent the last several days with my mom and it’s involved a whole lot of nothin’ to be very honest… unless of course you count:

  • homemade brownies
  • homemade cookies
  • full-blown turkey dinner
  • mounds of ice cream
  • grilled cheese sandwiches laced with love and…
  • a morning at the Moncton zoo.

You’ve all heard the saying…

“What happens at grandma’s… STAYS at grandma’s.”

It’s been a simple joy just to spend time together … to give away, and to receive, hugs & kisses for free and in abundance.


One of the things that Liz has been anxious to do is to make waffles believe it or not.

Oh sure… she’s made some while we’ve been in France but they’re not the same. We’ve always been unable to find the same waffle maker as we use here… one to make the deep, round ones.

So last night, she made the dough and set it to thicken and this morning… as many of you are reading these words, we will be sitting down to feast on coffee, waffles and whatever toppings we happen to find between the fridge and the cupboard.

It’s going to be good.


If I were to sum up this week in just one word, I guess it’d have to be that one. We can tend to sometimes feel a tinge of guilt for resting… especially in a world that wants us to run, Run, RUN. The Lord, however, instituted a day of rest because he knew it was good for the soul. So we’ve been nourishing that part of ourselves… at grandma’s house.

May you find rest in the Lord today… or at least this week.
God bless you as you do!




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