The “LIFE” in “Missions Life”

The “LIFE” in “Missions Life” Have you ever heard people talk about “Missions Life”? Out of those two words, Missions carries the most semantic weight, because we all have a pretty good idea about what life entails. “Missions” defines what kind of life we are referring to… and we tend to think of is as being exciting, exotic and highly rewarding. It is definitely all of these things… but just like people in our passport country or home culture… there are mundane, daily things that need to be tended to as well. It feels like this week was a concentration of those kinds of rare joys!  😉

Ironing on the fly…

Sometimes in missions, you find that your teenager – with a closet full of choices – has  opted for the freshly washed shirt that has yet to be ironed. They put it on and you only see it just before the hurried departure for church. Unwilling to let them go as-is and without the time to do a proper iron job… you opt for a quick lie-down-steam-job. Sometimes… this is part of the life of missions life.  

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    • Hey there DDGirl!!
      Great to read you again.

      I quite love it. The hardest part is refraining from opening them all the time out of curiosity (the less you disturb them, the calmer they are). I’ve only gotten 3 stings to date:

      1 because I foolishly tried to help one up that was on her back in the grass not moving much…. she didn’t read “compassion” in my gesture and stung my thumb after climbing on.

      2 others because I opened up the hive one night without suiting up (with the jacket/hat combo + gloves). Got me twice – once in the ankle & once in the wrist.

      All in all not bad though. I DEF-initely recommend it!

      • Three stings ain’t a bad number to start with 🙂 But I also heard that they are intelligent to figure their way in through the suit. That is to be admired eh? Enjoy the process of discovering more and more ways to parent them, Mike. Hope the weekend is going well.

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