On the road….

Gonna be a short one today…

We’re beginning our busiest weekend in a long time and would appreciate your prayers.

  1. Last night we drove 3.5hrs up to Melun where Liz & I will teach at the Bible School today. (The kids are with us so we’re 5 in the hotel room)
  2. After Bible school we’re heading into Paris to visit someone in hospital. A young mother whose 5 year-old son has eye cancer.
  3. Following that visit we drive to the eastern city of Troyes where we’ll be ministering in service tomorrow. (For a total of another 4hrs of driving today)
  4. After church, we’ll drive back to Châtellerault (roughly 4-5hrs).

That’s a lot of driving before starting the school week back up on Monday!

Thank you Lord for opportunities to be useful to others in different parts of France!

I’ll tell you all about this weekend, next weekend.

God bless you today and thank you for your prayers.

(ps. If you’re wondering about the photo… putting a chair in the bathroom was the only way to some early morning reading without waking the kids! …. oh the things we do! 😂)

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