Fields are Ripe!

Fields are Ripe!

If you were to judge solely from the mornings, there would be no doubt that fall is here. This morning at around 9am it was a chilly 11 degrees celcius (52 fahrenheit). That doesn’t mean, though, that the weather is entirely predictable, we’ve had afternoons in the low 30s (mid-high 80s)… try to dress for the day with those variances!

Still though… the cornfields and vineyards don’t lie. It’s harvest-time.

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The “LIFE” in “Missions Life”

The “LIFE” in “Missions Life” Have you ever heard people talk about “Missions Life”? Out of those two words, Missions carries the most semantic weight, because we all have a pretty good idea about what life entails. “Missions” defines what kind of life we are referring to… and we tend to think of is as being exciting, exotic and highly rewarding. It is definitely all of these things… but just like people in our passport country or home culture… there are mundane, daily things that need to be tended to as well. It feels like this week was a concentration of those kinds of rare joys!¬† ūüėČ Continue reading