Daylight after Dawn

Daylight after Dawn

Our west-facing, living room window has a new look since the tree got taken down a couple of weeks ago… what do you think?

Although I love seeing the rich pink and orange hues of sunset through this window, this may be my favourite view… the sun reflecting on the house across the street as it breaks over the eastern horizon, behind us.

Welcome Back!

On one hand I feel like I need to apologize for having deserted you last weekend… it’s not very often that I miss a blog post but between a long teaching day on Friday (7hrs straight in front of students, no lunch break), followed by a 3h drive up to Melun and an early start to Saturday, I just couldn’t squeeze in a late night or early morning post.

It’s like when I was a kid. I remember very often beginning letters (the old handwritten, postage-stamp kind) the same way… “Sorry for not writing sooner.”  🙂

Bible School Weekend… “+”

Last weekend Liz & I taught at the Bible School in Melun. She enjoyed getting back after a 2-month break.

Rob Greene, Belleville, Ontario, Worship Leader

It wasn’t just us in the car however, all three kids joined us for the trip. The Melun church organized an all-day seminar for worship leaders and musicians, with guest speaker Rob Greene, from Belleville, Ontario.

Since the kids are our worship team, it was a chance for them to get training and to connect with other Christian young people.

That’s different!

Even though we’ve been here for a while now, every once in a while certain things still strike me as funny and we know that we’re not in Canada:

  • Cranberry sauce: We saw some here for the first time ever last weekend (at Costco of course). Regular price $7.00 CAD for one 14oz / 400g can.
  • Pumpkin Pie Filling: same story… saw it for the first time. Roughly $7.00 CAD for the SMALL can ($14.00 for enough to make one pie) It’s a good thing Liz has learned to make her own from fresh pumpkins!
  • Parking spaces: OK, just take a look at this parking space. I took the picture in an underground parking lot the other day and you’d think our little wagon was actually a Hummer given the amount of “extra” space on either side. This is just one more little quirk of daily life in France. Getting in & out was tricky!

Valentine’s Day

Liz & I don’t get out all that often, but we managed to sneak in a day out this week for bit of a date.

I don’t usually teach on Thursdays, but exceptionally, I had to this week and since the kids were in school anyway – and since I only taught a 1hr class, Liz joined me for the drive. After class, we headed downtown, stopped into the Notre-Dame-la Grande church, that I’d never seen, and then headed to a cute little coffee shop that incorporates swings at some tables (see Dominic & Soph testing them out on a visit back in December with grandma).

On the Road

Here are a couple of pics from the road this past week.

These were from Tuesday. I leave mid-morning and the road takes me past the castle of Montreuil-Bellay. The second photo was taken only about 2km away from the first on the way back home.

That was quite a day… I came home and crashed at 9:30pm (NEVER do I go to bed that early!) In fact, I was fast asleep before Liz could even offer me a welcome-home-coffee, so you know I was tired!


…for spending a few minutes together today.
God bless you & yours!

Prayer Need:
Tomorrow, we’re having lunch with a family who has visited our church twice. Pray that God help us to be as light in darkness.

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    • Oops… no. I suppose I should clarify – it’s the Christmas tree that came down after spending a month and a half blocking the patio window. LOL 🙂

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