A Week of Good Things

A Week of Good Things

Good morning from my (for the moment) … quiet place.

The sun’s up behind the house, illuminating the pine tree. The hens are scratching through pine needles. Songbirds are twittering outside and I hear sounds from the kitchen as Liz gets breakfast ready.

Let me tell you about our week… God is doing lots of neat, little, over-time things!


Last weekend I finished off with a prayer request… regarding our Sunday. Here… as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story.

Laurent & Virginia were there for the 2nd week in a row and the 3rd time this month. That’s quite a change given that they usually only came once per month. The reason for the change? They were able to get an apartment in Poitiers, much closer than they were before… more on this later.

We continued our series on the Tabernacle Plan… drawing parallels with salvation and our growth in God, since the Old Testament offes types and shadows of things to come in the New.


After service, we popped home long enough to change, then hit the road to have dinner with new friends. After joining us for lunch after service a couple of weeks ago, they wanted to reciprocate.

They’re Albanian so dinner was Albanian-style… EVERY-thing had been homemade that morning; from meat on a make-shift BBQ, to freshly squeezed juices and everything in between.

(There was wayyy more food… this was just the beginning.)

Afterwards we walked through the village and the kids played some volleyball on the court of a nearby campground, just across the Clain River.

Prayer & Fellowship

After a nice afternoon with the Nulis’, we headed home, but since our drive would take us through Poitiers, we stopped at Laurent & Virginia’s new apartment.

Before inviting anyone else over for a visit, they wanted to have us there as their Pastor & family – both as a way to honour us as well as to have a time of prayer over this new home with which God had blessed them. (It’s a rental, but the owner paid all of the rental agency admin fees – roughly one month’s rent – this ‘never’ happens in France.)Praise God for making a way for them! It will be a blessing for the church as well.

The Rest of the Week

On one hand, the rest of the week was more quiet than usual (the kids finished week #1 of a 2-week break, and I only had to teach in Poitiers, Friday, not Angers on Monday & Tuesday). On another hand, there were moments of busyness on other levels.

  • We got outside to do a bit of Spring cleanup work around the yard (the weather’s been beautiful)
  • Dominic had a tooth pulled on Monday (to make room for his other teeth to straighten out… a second one will be pulled this week).
  • We did some running for medical appointments, for Liz, on Wednesday. Something’s hanging on in her lungs and she’s been having minor thyroid issues (a matter of prayer). Also, I edited a video project that Sophie recorded (I’ll show here that when the time is right).
  • Thursday was more puttering, more editing, giving Timo a haircut and trimming Pollux as well ( …’scuse me while I change between barber & dog groomer hats).
  • Yesterday was teaching, followed by a vet appointment and a quick grocery pickup with Liz. (Below is a pic of sunrise as I left the driveway yesterday morning… beautiful eh?)


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned an upcoming series of daily posts about #3GoodThings. You’ll see those start this week, on March 1st. For those of you subscribed to the blog, it’ll generate a daily email. Don’t feel like you have to “tune in” every day it it’s too much for you.

God bless you today!

Let all you read inform your prayers for our family, for France, for the Nulis family, for Laurent & Virginia and for the work in Châtellerault!

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