#3GoodThings – #2

#3GoodThings – #2

(Written Sunday, January 20th, 2019)

Isn’t it something how some things work very quickly.

Last night, no sooner had I finished writing the first #3GoodThings post, but that I went upstairs to close the blinds for the night. I heard a soft, but familiar sound and immediately my heart was a little lighter.

A gentle rain was falling and the drops pinged & snapped as they hit the skylight and I said a short prayer: “Lord, I’m grateful for the rain, thank you.”

By focusing my thoughts on something positive, it was immediately attuned to other positives around me. #TetrisEffect

Now on to…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Today at church (Jan. 20th), for the first time in a while, we had a child in Sunday School. That may be surprising, but understand that there are two families with children besides our own. The first has kids close in age to ours, but they do not attend regularly. The other family has a child who is just barely 2 years old, very attached to his mom and because of distance, they attend roughly once per month. This young fellow has been coming regularly for a couple of months and warmed up to the idea of Sunday School with “the big kids” … which brings me to good thing #2…
  2. Sunday school today was taught by Dominic & Sophie. From fairly early on, this young child (under 10) took to Dominic like a fish to water – maybe because he’s the cool guitar-playing big kid. Dominic, for his part, has a heart for other kids (an extension of his heart for fellow students). It’s good to see them, of their own initiative, take responsibility for this youngster.
  3. God answered Liz’s prayer for someone to whom she could teach a Bible study. Specifically… it’s a Bible Study on baptism as the lady in question plans on being baptized next Sunday (Jan. 27th). So really… it’s 2 good things in one – a Bible Study and someone who wants to take on Jesus’ name in baptism.

(Wondering why the #3GoodThings posts… click here)

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