#3GoodThings – #11

#3GoodThings – #11

(Written Jan. 29, 2019)

Let me admit – ahead of time – that I’m cheating on today’s post in two ways:

  1. Yesterday was a full day so I’m actually writing it on January 30th…(not that that makes a big difference to you reading it… but the goal was to write daily so for me… it’s a shortcut). 🙂
  2. Since I know that the post is scheduled to go live on March 11th, I’ve included something that’s a good thing, not from the time of writing, but from the time of posting…

Here are…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. First and foremost… today is my beautiful wife’s birthday. When it comes to GoodThings… she’s right up there at the top of the pile. I have my doubts as to whether or not we’d still be in France if it wasn’t for her. She’s incredible!! So much to say….
  2. Secondly… my drive to Angers took place ‘neath drizzly skies and a light rain was just starting to fall when I stopped by this vineyard to take a couple of photos. I’d been wanting to for some time as I love the tidy order of a freshly trimmed vineyard … it’s a thing of beauty. I’ve always loved grapevines… they remind me of the greatness of God’s provision in the Valley of Eshcol (Numbers 13.23-24) when it took two spies to carry a single bunch of grapes. That’s how God provides for his own.
  3. Finally, I’m grateful that God has given me kids with a compassionate heart. Today’s example, Sophie was in the school cafeteria (with her French friend Lily and her Albanian friend Samantha) and Soph saw a student at a nearby table, eating alone. Apparently he frequently eats alone. Soph mustered up her courage to approach him and ask if he’d like to join them rather than eat alone. He’s a Pakastani student who’d only been in France for a year and a half. Her friend Lily remarked that a typical French student would not do what Sophie had done… but then, she’s neither French nor typical.

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