#3GoodThings – #21

#3GoodThings – #21

(Written Feb. 8, 2019)

If it’s possible to have a triple shot of EX-resso… then I’d advocate for the fact that it’s also possible to have a triple shot of EX-haustion!

Lousy play on words (prefixes actually), I know, but that’s what you get when you teach for 7 hours straight, come home just long enough to have a quiet coffee, then climb into the car for a 3.5hr drive up to Melun in preparation for a Bible School weekend.

Even long days give way to GoodThings, so here are…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. Pretty much mack in the middle of my teaching day are my Master’s level students and they’re using English in the context of entrepreneurship and the creation of a business plan. I used the first half of class to teach them all as a group and the second half to give them feedback group by group (2-5 students are in each group – 9 groups – for their business-launch project). I like getting “up close and personal” … giving more individualized feedback & fielding questions because you feel a bit less generic and a bit more helpful.
  2. My last classes were rambunctious, and that is draining, so by the time I got home, the prospect of the looming drive was increasingly less attractive. You can imagine how I felt when, as darkness fell, raindrops began to hit the windshield. UGH! (That’s been my least favourite driving weather since an ill-fated, triple-incident, night drive coming through New Hampshire in 1994). About 15 minutes into the drive however, the rain stopped and nothing but heavy winds remained. A small detail, but one which made the drive much easier to deal with.
  3. We arrived at our hotel around 10pm and Pierre was working. I met Pierre on my first stay in the hotel, a 3 week stay in July 2009, when I came to teach at the Bible school’s summer core term. Whether it was because we looked extra haggard or whether it was just because… Pierre, when he handed us the key, indicated room #119, then smiled. He’d upgraded us to a suite with extra room and a coffee maker.. for no reason. *cue the angelic choir*

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