#3GoodThings – #32

#3GoodThings – #32

(Written Feb. 19, 2019)

Day 2 of the kids’ school vacation involved a country walk, afternoon tea, good chats and old fashioned fun!

Let me tell you about…

Today’s #3GoodThings

  1. We spent the morning at home and headed out to visit friends in the early afternoon. They are English speakers from Australia / England so visits are always a pleasure with no worries about verb conjugation, vocabulary and the like. Culturally, we’re on similar pages as well (anglo-saxon)… They only moved here a few months before we did and homeschooled their kids for a number of years, so we just “get” each other on many levels.
  2. We went on a walk through the countryside… pas manicured yards and wild tree-lined fields. Just take a look at the huge oak tree in our path, below… it was even bigger than it looks on the photo. A good walk out of doors is great therapy and facilitates great conversation! Even better when it’s followed up by hot tea, chocolate cake, apple clafoutis and homemade palmiers.
  3. Finally, before leaving, the adults did a tour of the garden (I nabbed some lovely fragrant viburnum twigs to root) while the kids were playing in the yard. Coming home in the car, Sophie remarked how much fun it was to just “play outside… old fashioned play”. We could hear their giggling from across the yard! So good to hear!

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